Zombies are the main antagonists of the World War Z franchise. They are humans which become extremely violent and cannibalistic.

Novels Edit

Zombies in Max Brooks' novels are people who have been infected with the Solanum virus. They are slow-moving, possess a mysterious sixth sense and stop at nothing to spread the disease via biting or scratching people.

World War Z (Game)Edit

In the World War Z game, zombie hordes behave like real crowds, getting stuck in narrow corridors and climbing on top of each other to reach players on higher levels. Built on the Swarm Engine by Saber Interactive, it seamlessly renders hundreds of zombies on-screen in incredible firefights. Hordes become increasingly more difficult based on the difficulty levels you choose. The horde will be harder to defeat and behave like single entity bosses as players progress through the game.

There are a total of 8 types of zombies:

  • Normal Zeke - The weakest of all infected and heavily relies on strength in numbers. Often comes in groups or hordes and can form pyramids or stacks to reach high places. Normal Zekes are harder to kill with body shots in VERY HARD to INSANE difficulty.
  • Creeper/Hider - From its name, the creeper often hides in places players can't normally see. Presence of a creeper in an area is often given by the gurgling noise it makes. Creepers can sometimes appear in hordes as well. If creeper catches the player off guard, it will pounce on the player and downing the player unless killed by teammates.
  • Gasbags - Zekes in Hazmat suit that if shot in the body releases dangerous gas. Runs like a normal Zeke. Headshots often result in less gas cloud or none.
  • Screamers - Zekes hardwired to a megaphone. As the name suggests, this Zeke screams and alarms the surrounding Zekes of your position and calls swarms/hordes.
  • Infected player- When players are not rescued when downed or when the players die; they become infected. Unlike normal Zekes, infected players are harder to kill and are much faster.
  • Bull - A Zeke in Riot Police uniform and armor, when provoked or when in the range - prepares to charge to the player by shouting and stomping. Since this Zeke is armored, shooting it at the front will cause less damage - performing headshots are also difficult to do but no impossible due to the Bull's visor that acts as a shield blocking damage until broken, at which point the face becomes a new unguarded weak point. The Bull's weakness is its back and leg. Shoot it long enough in its right leg and it falls out of balance, shooting it at the back almost kills it instantly.
  • Infector - Special infected released in the Undead Sea update. A Zeke in a Lynch jacket that spits into the player's eyes forcing them to disinfect. If players are not able to disinfect quick enough they will turn into Zekes/Infected players. Infectors will attempt to trick the survivors when downed, staying down for a second and then rising again to resume its fighting. A downed Infector can be killed with a melee execution or with gunfire/explosives. A warning, a downed Infector is more resilient than one would anticipated requiring significant damage to finish off once on the ground, although the melee execution can subvert this if the option is viably safe.

Zekes in WWZ is often compared to the zombies in L4D (Left 4 Dead).




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