World War Z Wiki

World War Z is a novel by Max Brooks which depicts a fictional outbreak of the Solanum virus in China during the mid-2000s. It shows the social, economic, political, cultural, technological, and ecological effects of a zombie apocalypse.

Plot Summary

World War Z is divided into seven chapters that depict the world at various stages of the outbreak.


The first chapter is set in China, Tibet, Greece, Kyrgyzstan, Brazil, Barbados, South Africa, Israel, Palestine, and Kuwait. It details the origins of the infection in China, and its spread via human trafficking, refugees, and the organ trade. Governments of the world ignore it until a public outbreak occurs in a South African shantytown, leading to Israel unifying with Palestine and closing its borders.


The second chapter is set in the USA, Finland, and Antarctica. It details how various high-ranking government officials ignored the early signs of the outbreak, and how the Phalanx vaccine was developed as a fake to distract the population. The chapter ends with a description of attacks by zombies in the suburban neighborhoods in the US.

The Great Panic

The third chapter is set in the USA, India, Russia, Barbados, Greenland, Iran, and Pakistan. It details how much panic gripped the world as people fled their homes via car and tried to escape their countries via boat. It is also mentioned how nuclear war breaks out between Iran and Pakistan, whilst the US Army is humiliated on Live National Television.

Turning The Tide

The fourth chapter is set in South Africa, Ireland, Germany, Ukraine, Canada, the USA, and India. It shows how many of the world's governments began collapsing and people fled to perceived 'safe areas' like arctic regions, islands, and mountains. Governments also began the Redeker Plan, which involved creating safe zones as bait to lure away zombies from the government headquarters.

Home Front USA

The fifth chapter is set entirely in the USA and details in great detail the life of everything from the economic recovery, volunteer civilian patrols, the life of the president, air supply missions, and so on.

Around The World, And Above

The sixth chapter is set in the Czech Republic, France, the United Kingdom, Micronesia, South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Cuba, China, the Pacific Continent, Australia, the International Space Station, Chile, and the USA. It details the fate of various countries, from vast political changes to how survivors survived in extreme situations like on ships, in space, or in national parks.

Total War

The seventh and final chapter is set in Finland, the USA, Russia, Canada, and France. It shows the final battles as armies retook various continents and the strategies they used.