There are a variety of weapons available in World War Z, the majority of which are upgradeable. There are three types of weapons, primary, secondary, and heavy. Primaries consist of what you will mostly be using throughout the campaigns, while secondaries are used mainly as backup weapons or as stealth weapons. Heavy weapons deal the most amount of damage but have limited ammo that cannot be replenished, so using them during swarms is advised.

The majority of weapons can be upgraded sans Heavy weapons, with the ones that can be split into three tiers.

Tier 1: Edit

Tier 2: Edit

Tier 3: Edit

Higher tiers of weapons generally have higher stats but sometimes have tradeoffs. For example, the Assault Carbine's stats are higher in all but one category compared to the Sporting Carbine, which boasts higher penetration.

Below is a list of other weapons that are unupgradeable:

Melee: Edit

Secondary: Edit

Heavy: Edit

On top of these guns, the player also has an equipment item dictated by the class they choose. These may change in power and utility based on the perks the player chooses, but otherwise are not upgradeable in the same manner as weapons.

During the game, players may also find defense items near swarm events that may be used to bolster their defense. They are similar in power to Heavy weapons but once the item has been placed down, they will be unable to recover it.

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