Moscow Survivors shooting zekes in the museum

The Moscow Survivors using various weapons to fight back the zekes

There are a variety of weapons available for the survivors to find and use in World War Z.

Most weapons can be found scattered around the environment. Look around for them if you are low on ammo or want a stronger gun.

Overview Edit

Weapon Slots Edit

The majority of the weapons used to kill zekes fall into three main slots: primary, secondary, and heavy. Primary weapons are what players will be using the most throughout the game. Secondary weapons are used mainly as a backup for when their primary runs out of ammo or as a stealth option. Heavy weapons deal huge amounts of damage and are great against swarms, but have limited ammo that cannot be replenished.

Weapon Tiers Edit

Weapons are assigned a tier, with higher tiers generally performing better in combat than the previous tiers, though this isn't always the case. Tier levels appear as white bars, with the number of bars that are filled white indicating their level number. Primary and secondary weapons can be classified as either Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III. In the case of heavy weapons, they are technically classified as Tier V as shown by the five yellow bars above the weapon's name.

Weapon Unlocks Edit

Primaries and most secondaries can level up with enough experience. Leveling up allows you to unlock progressively better versions of the same weapon which must be bought using Supplies. You cannot level up a weapon further and unlock newer versions of that weapon until you buy one of the previously unlocked weapons. Some weapon unlocks can be bought with Challenge Coins, and a few require reaching some sort of requirement before they can be unlocked. A number of weapons are also part of weapon bundle packs offered through DLC.

Melee Weapon Edit

All survivors carry a melee weapon with them. Melee weapons are used mostly as a last resort, for ammo conservation, or to deliver a melee finisher. They also push zombies who are close back a bit in a small radius around them. The different melee weapons that can be unlocked or purchased have no additional benefits and are different in appearance only. Melee weapons do not break, meaning they have infinite use, but their use is balanced out by the survivor's fatigue bar which affects their targeting ability and how fast they can swing their weapon. Relying too much on your melee weapon can leave you vulnerable while surrounded by zekes.

Equipment Edit

Players are provided with equipment that is dictated by the class they choose to play as. Some of the class' perks can change the type of equipment you use given that the class chosen has more than one option to choose from. Not all of these equipment items can be considered weapons in the traditional sense as some are used, sometimes exclusively, for support purposes only.

Defense Systems Edit

Finally, there are defense kits containing special defense systems that can be of great help during a zombie swarm. While powerful, these specially-created weapons must be set up in a predetermined location in an area that is going to face large waves of undead. Choose the location of a defense system carefully and wisely as once it is placed down, it cannot be moved elsewhere. Much like heavy weapons, these defense systems have unmatched power but once they are used up, they are unable to be recovered.

Tier I Tier I Weapons: Edit

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Secondary (Cannot be upgraded) Edit

Tier II Tier II Weapons: Edit

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Tier III Tier III Weapons: Edit

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Melee Weapons: Edit

Tier V Heavy Weapons: Edit

Equipment: Edit

Defense Systems Edit

Notes Edit

  • All firearms and heavy weapons have a general/generic name that briefly describes the kind of weapon it is. Their lore/real name appears on the activity feed whenever you pick it up. Viewing a weapon in weapon customization or the weapon's page of the Collection will also show the pair of names.
    • Melee weapons change the real name whenever a different one is chosen in customization but always keeps the same generic name of "Melee Weapon."
    • All types of equipment do not have other names, though a few have shortened names that can be seen when approaching an equipment bag or looking at the activity feed after refilling the equipment.
    • Only the Autoturret defense system has a real name. The rest share the same general and real name. However, a few have shortened names that can only be seen when standing near a spot where a defense system can be deployed.
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