The Warfighter is one of ten playable classes for Multiplayer in World War Z.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Perks List[edit | edit source]




XP Required

Unlock Cost

Might Makes Right Fight with Frag Grenade, HW416 Assault Carbine, Geist 17MP and MAG5 Machinegun 0 XP 0 Credit icon.png
1 Thrifty Reloading a weapon with less than 25% ammo in the magazine provides a 10% weapon damage boost for 10 seconds 0 XP Credit icon.png
Segment One
2 Less Frag Lag Frag Grenades will explode 50% quicker after impact 1000 XP 250 Credit icon.png
3 Fire in the Hole Frag Grenade damage increased by 10% 1000 XP 250 Credit icon.png
4 Swapping Mags! Reload speed increased by 30% on all weapons 1000 XP 250 Credit icon.png
Segment Two
5 Hole Puncher Fight with upgraded HW416 Assault Carbine 1000 XP 250 Credit icon.png
6 Gunner Fight with upgraded Pac-15 Sporting Carbine 1000 XP 250 Credit icon.png
7 Deadeye Movement has no effect on weapon accuracy. Recoil effect also reduced 1500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Segment Three
8 Power Nap Unequipped weapon automatically reloads each 10 seconds 1500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
9 Adrenaline Reload speed increased by 50% when health is below 25% 1500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
10 Sleight of Hand Switch weapons 50% faster 1500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Segment Four
11 Boosted Burst Fight with upgraded Geist 17MP Machine Pistol in your secondary weapon slot 1500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
12 Hand Cannon Fight with Casull 6 Revolver in your secondary weapon slot 1500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
13 Back to the Boom Heavy Weapon regeneration speed increased by 10%. Heavy Weapon recharge bonuses for killing players or zombies are increased by 20% 1500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
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