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Vanguards wield a devastating electric shield that can punch a hole right through the zombie horde

"A shield wielding powerhouse that excels in both offense and defense" ― Vanguard class description

The Vanguard is one of eight playable classes for Co-op Campaign in World War Z. This class was added with the release of World War Z: Aftermath.


The Vanguard is a class suited for support by being both the team's shield and battering ram.

Almost all the perks the Vanguard can choose from revolves around their electric shield and improving its effectiveness in combat while others focus on passive team support. The combination of perks the Vanguard can choose from puts the class in a unique position where they can fulfill either an offensive, defensive, or supportive role depending on their actions in any given situation. In this regard, the Vanguard can be considered more of a generalist when all other classes tend to specialize in one particular role with some limited leeway. Choosing the Vanguard grants you freedom in how you choose to play the class while also being flexible enough to allow a change in playstyle when necessary. It's important to actively incorporate your equipment into your playstle as it will be necessary to play the class more effectively.

The Vanguard's starting core perk grants a passive buff where friendly fire is entirely negated while equipment is out. While other classes can't achieve a similar level of protection without choosing specific perks, the Vanguard always has access to this protection when necessary.

The equipment of choice for the Vanguard is the Mobile Shield. This protective tool has two uses for fighting zekes: deadly defense with the shield block or rushing offense with the shield charge. Blocking can protect its wielder from almost all manners of attack and deliver a lethal shock to anyone that tries to strike back while charging can allow them to plow through a mob and get to the other side quickly. Knowing when it is necessary to take out the shield and which option is appropriate for the situation will keep the wielder and potentially their allies moving and alive. The Mobile Shield has the additional benefit of being able to be used for blocking even when equipment charge is fully expended, though it will only protect against a single hit.

Perks List

Regular & Core Perks

Level Perk Description XP Required Unlock Cost



Start with Mobile Shield and M500 Shotgun. Take 100% less friendly fire damage while using Shield Charge or Blocking 0 XP 0 Credit icon.png
Segment One
Quick hands.jpg

Quick Hands

Blocking zombie hit or performing Shield Charge reloads your primary and secondary weapons 0 XP 0 Credit icon.png

Adrenaline Rush

Blocking zombie hit or performing Shield Charge fully restores melee stamina 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
Fancy footwork.jpg

Fancy Footwork

Better maneuverability when using Shield Charge and you can move 30% faster while blocking 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
Segment Two
Passive aggression.jpg

Passive Aggression

Shield Block can withstand incoming hits for 3 more seconds (base: 5 seconds) 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
All-round defense.jpg

All-Round Defense

For the first 3 seconds Shield Block protects you from all directions 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
Residual defense.jpg

Residual Defense

Take 50% less damage from zombies for 3 seconds after Shield Block ends 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
Segment Three
Extra equipment.jpg


You can perform 2 more Shield Charges per full shield energy (base: 2 charges) 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png


You won't be able to collect equipment bags, but your Shield energy will constantly recharge (140 seconds to replenish to maximum) 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
Pickpocket (Vanguard).jpg


Killing 15 zombies in rapid succession refills one equipment charge (cooldown 30 seconds) 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
Armor plated.jpg

Armor Plated

You gain passive shield protection for 3 seconds when you start interacting with something (cooldown 10 sec) 1500 XP 0 Credit icon.png
Segment Four
Stronger together.jpg

Stronger Together

Health for you and all teammates increased by 7.5% 1500 XP 250 Credit icon.png
Outer protection.jpg

Outer Shell

When your health is below 30% incoming damage depletes Shield energy before health. Full Shield energy prevents damage up to 50% of health 1500 XP 250 Credit icon.png


Health increased by 35% but sprint stamina decreased by 50% 1500 XP 250 Credit icon.png
Segment Five
Rolling refill.jpg

Rolling Refill

Passing near an Ammo Crate during a Shield Charge automatically refills your ammo 1500 XP 250 Credit icon.png


Restore 2% of primary weapon ammo for each enemy killed with a Shield Charge 1750 XP 350 Credit icon.png
Supply train.jpg

Supply Train

Passing near a teammate during a Shield Charge reloads their primary weapon. You receive 5% ammo for your primary weapon for each teammate reloaded 1750 XP 350 Credit icon.png
Segment Six
Freight train.jpg

Freight Train

You can kill 40% more zombies with a shield charge (base: 14 zombies) 1750 XP 350 Credit icon.png
Shake it off.jpg

Shake It Off

Performing a Shield Charge removes all negative effects received from special zombies 1750 XP 350 Credit icon.png
Long run.jpg

Long Run

Your Shield Charge speed and covered distance increased by 20% 1750 XP 350 Credit icon.png
On your feet.jpg

On Your Feet

A single incapacitated teammate within 2 meters of where you finish a Shield Charge will get back up on their feet 2000 XP 0 Credit icon.png
Segment Seven
Protector revival.jpg

Elbow Room

When you, or a teammate within 2 meters of you, starts reviving an incapacitated character, surrounding enemies will be pushed back (cooldown 60 seconds) 2000 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Placebo effect.jpg

Placebo Effect

Heal 10% of max health when someone uses a medkit within 2 meters of you and you're not the target of healing 2000 XP 500 Credit icon.png


Killing 15 zombies in rapid succession while you are the only member of your team still standing respawns a randomly selected dead teammate (cooldown 60 seconds) 2000 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Segment Eight


When your Shield Block is completely expended, you gain a temporary health boost (cooldown 60 sec) 2000 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Protector revival.jpg

Hurry Back

Respawn time for the whole team decreased by 15% 2500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Centre of attention.jpg

Centre of Attention

Activating Shield Block will force all zombies within 3 meters in front of you to target you instead of your teammates 2500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Segment Nine
Trail blazer.jpg

Trail Blazer

Finishing a Shield Charge sets enemies in front of you on fire (distance 2 meters) 2500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
You made me mad.jpg

You Made me Mad

Melee attacks and firearms deal 50% more damage for 5 seconds after you holster the Shield 2500 XP 500 Credit icon.png


Firearm damage increased by 20% for each dead or incapacitated teammate 2500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Breathing room.jpg

Breathing Room

Automatically push back nearby zombies when you are hit and about to be incapacitated (cooldown 60 seconds) 3500 XP 0 Credit icon.png

Prestige Rank perks

Rank Level Perk Description Unlock Cost
Peripheral vision.jpg

Peripheral Vision

Increase angle at which attacks will be blocked by your Shield by 10% (base: 220 deg) 7500 Credit icon.png


All zombie damage is reduced by 25% when using Shield Block 7500 Credit icon.png
Secret stash.jpg

Secret Stash

Carried ammo capacity for secondary weapons increased by 15% 7500 Credit icon.png


Shield Charge allows you to run for an additional 1 seconds (base: 5 seconds) 7500 Credit icon.png


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