World War Z is a four-player survival action game based on the same movie and novel title. World War Z was developed by Saber Interactive in conjunction with Paramount Pictures, and released on April 16, 2019, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Tier 1 Scout Rifle (Mini-21) • Compact SMG (Gal 9) • Shotgun (M500) • Pistol (1911 Protector) • Machine Pistol (Geist 17MP)
Tier 2 Assault Rifle (ARK-103) • Sporting Carbine (PAC-15) • SMG (TMP5) • Combat Shotgun (S890) • Sniper Rifle (Mk110) • PDW (Senjata PDW) • Compact Shotgun (S890 Shorty)
Tier 3 Assault Carbine (HW416) • Battle Rifle (HAMR-17) • Bullpup Rifle (XTAR-95) • Advanced SMG (Keris V10) • Assault Shotgun (Taiga-12) • Crossbow (Repeater X)

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World War Z – PSX 2017 Reveal Trailer PS4

World War Z – PSX 2017 Reveal Trailer PS4

Reveal Trailer PS4

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