This page compiles all the updates and patch notes for World War Z.

All compiled information comes directly from the Focus Home Interactive Forums for World War Z.

Regular patches include their release date. Major content updates are written in bold and release dates are kept separately.

Release dates are formatted by month, day, and year.

Update List[edit | edit source]

04/20/2019 PC Hotfix[edit | edit source]

04/29/2019 First Bug Fix Update[edit | edit source]

05/07/2019 PC Hotfix 1.06[edit | edit source]

05/22/2019 PS4 Hotfix[edit | edit source]

(06/04/2019) The Undead Sea Update[edit | edit source]

Undead Sea Update.jpg

(07/04/2019) The Six Skulls Update[edit | edit source]

Six Skulls Update.jpg

(08/28/2019) The Proving Grounds Update[edit | edit source]

Proving Grounds Update.jpg

(10/24/2019) The Kill It With Fire Update[edit | edit source]

Kill It With Fire Update.jpg

11/20/2019 Stability Patch[edit | edit source]

(12/17/2019) The Horde Mode Z Update[edit | edit source]

Horde Mode Z Update.jpg

12/23/2019 Horde Mode Z Hotfix[edit | edit source]

02/04/2020 Stability Patch[edit | edit source]

(03/23/2020) The Crossplay Update[edit | edit source]

WWZ Crossplay.jpg

(05/25/2020) Stability Patch[edit | edit source]

(06/11/2020) Stability Patch[edit | edit source]

(07/22/2020) The Dronemaster Update[edit | edit source]

Dronemaster update.jpg

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