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"People don't believe something can happen until it does." ― Timur, in the backstory video

Timur Yushkevich (Russian : Тимур Юшкевич) is one of the four playable survivors in the Moscow episode.


While studying political science, Timur lost faith in the system and dropped out. He joined anarchist movement and was soon labeled an agitator. Timur was well versed in avoiding detection by the time Moscow fell.






  • The bag Timur uses is labeled CA/CD, a reference to the band AC/DC.
  • Timur carries three lightsticks on his bag.
  • Timur was an agitator and drug addict prior the apocalypse.
  • Sergei Popov and Ivan Dovchenko rescued him from his cell sometime after the Moscow fell.
  • His background is based off Jurgen Warmbrunn from the novel, in which both tried to warn the public about the upcoming outbreak, only to have no one to listen. The difference being is that Jurgen wrote a report on it, and got Israel's attention, while the rest of the world neglected it, and Timur protested in the streets of Moscow with no one listening, leading his arrest.[1]