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The Great Panic was a global spread of chaos, government collapse, violence and general paranoia that ensued after the Phalanx vaccine was exposed to be a fraud. In almost every country, people fled by car or boat. Whilst many governments tried to stage a massive battle with zombies on Live Television to restore confidence (all of which failed, backfiring and worsening the panic).

Major Events

Exodus By Land

All over the world, people who did not live near the coast desperately tried to flee via car.[1] However, this massive effect created huge gridlocks, trapping people in their cars so tightly that they couldn't open their doors. This created an extremely vulnerable area for people as they were swarmed and eaten alive by hordes of zombies. People had no idea where to go as population centers were being overrun and there were no areas that were really safe.

Exodus By Sea

Survivor Holdouts

Military Actions


Given that the Great Panic caused the largest refugee crisis in history, several countries were overwhelmed with zombified refugees. One such country - Iran - blew up its bridge with neighboring Pakistan, in order to stop a massive influx of refugees from India. This was seen as an act of war, leading to a gradually escelating conflict that culminated in the use of nuclear weapons, annihilating both countries - which are implied to be radioactive wastelands.



  1. Also mentioned by Gavin Blaire, a witness to this carnage, are: Sedans (Normal Cars), Trucks, Buses, RVs (Motorhomes), Cement-Mixers and Flatbeds.