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Survivors come in all different forms and backgrounds

The survivors are the main playable characters of World War Z.

Currently, there is a total of 24 unique characters in the game to play as.


The survivors are a group of four different people that reflect the location that they hail from. Circumstances that have arisen from the ongoing zombie war have brought each of the four survivors together to work as a group in order to achieve the same goals.

Every survivor is given their own unique appearances, voice lines, personality, and backstory to distinguish each other from one another. Although each and every survivor comes in various heights, shapes, and sizes, as well as different experiences and backgrounds, they all play the same gameplay-wise. Since they do not possess any means of altering gameplay on their own, the character you chose to play as ultimately comes down to preference.

In Co-op Campaign, there are seven episodes with four survivors each to choose from. When playing Multiplayer or Horde Mode, players are free to choose any survivor from any location to play as, though in Horde Mode, you cannot choose a survivor if a teammate has already chosen to play as them.


All survivors carry things to help them on their journey. These items are common across every survivor.

The first piece of gear is a backpack. All survivors carry some form of a bag on their back where they likely keep most of their supplies and carry it around in. Any extra trinkets and items seen on a backpack are simply cosmetic and do nothing gameplay-wise.

The second piece of gear is a knife. All survivors carry a knife, frequently used when performing melee finishers against zekes that are low to the ground. Some survivors have the knife visibly holstered but others have them hidden away.

The third piece of gear is a radio. Although they are never seen on any of the survivors, they all can clearly communicate with one another from any distance. (This extends to teammates that are missing or dead as well). They are even able to communicate with other nearby people outside of the team, intentionally or not. When radio is used for communication, the way voices sound audibly change. Given that they can transmit and receive messages from anyone outside of the group, it is assumed the radios are two way handhelds (transceivers).


All survivors have inventory slots for weapons and items they have picked up along the way.

Weapon slots are available for a primary, secondary, and heavy weapon. Another hidden slot exists for the survivor's chosen melee weapon. The secondary weapon is hidden away until it is taken out, in which the primary weapon will be holstered to the left side of the survivor. If a heavy weapon is carried, it will be holstered to the survivors' backpack, and taking it out will also holster the primary to the side.

Four inventory slots are visible on the scoreboard. From left to right, the first three visible inventory slots are for a Breaching Charge, a chapter-related key item, and a defense system. The last slot is reserved for the survivors' class-mandated equipment and unlike the other inventory slots, the icon in it will never disappear even if the survivor is completely out of equipment charges. Two inventory slots hidden from the scoreboard exist for the Medkit and the Virus Sample which can only be seen on the HUD. A Virus Sample will be attached to some part of the survivor's backpack in a manner similar to heavy weapons.

Physical Capabilities

All survivors have the same physical capabilities. The survivors are able to sprint for 20 seconds straight and must wait a few seconds before regaining back their stamina. No matter how many items they carry, they all move at the same speed. When falling from a certain height, they will perform a breakfall (roll) to absorb the impact and keep moving. Survivors have the same melee stamina by default (7 for light melee weapons and 5 for medium and heavy melee weapons) that allows them to deliver several melee attacks in a row before fatigue sets. All survivors are able to handle any weaponry they collect with an intermediate level of proficiency. Health and the number of times someone can be incapacitated before dying remains the same by default.

Although some class perks can change some of these attributes, all survivors play consistently until such perks are unlocked and activated.

The Characters

Location Survivor Profiles
New York Character Icon (Angel Flores).jpg
Angel Flores
Character Icon (Tashaun Burnell).jpg
Tashaun Burnell
Character Icon (Bunko Tatsumi).jpg
Bunko Tatsumi
Character Icon (Arnetta Larkin).jpg
Arnetta Larkin
Jerusalem Character Icon (Judd Whitaker).jpg
Judd Whitaker
Character Icon (Dina Mizrahi).jpg
Dina Mizrahi
Character Icon (Ethan Wolfe).jpg
Ethan Wolfe
Character Icon (Daniel Alahey).jpg
Daniel Alahey
Moscow Character Icon (Oksana Orlovskaya).jpg
Oksana Orlovskaya
Character Icon (Ivan Dovchenko).jpg
Ivan Dovchenko
Character Icon (Timur Yushkevich).jpg
Timur Yushkevich
Character Icon (Sergey Popov).jpg
Sergei Popov
Tokyo / Kamchatka Character Icon (Sho Sugiyama).jpg Character Icon (Sho Kamchatka).jpg
Sho Sugiyama
Character Icon (Kimiko Nomura).jpg Character Icon (Kimiko Kamchatka).jpg
Kimiko Nomura
Character Icon (Tatsuo Matsumoto).jpg Character Icon (Tatsuo Kamchatka).jpg
Tatsuo Matsumoto
Character Icon (Hiroji Okada).jpg Character Icon (Hiroji Kamchatka).jpg
Hiroji Okada
Marseille Character Icon (Eloise Durand).jpg
Eloise Durand
Character Icon (Raoul Diallo).jpg
Raoul Diallo
Character Icon (Marine Leblanc).jpg
Marine Leblanc
Character Icon (Karim Wahid).jpg
Karim Wahid
Rome Character Icon (Daniela Martin).jpg
Daniela Martín
Character Icon (Giovanni Gallo).jpg
Giovanni Gallo
Character Icon (Sofia Lombardi).jpg
Sofia Lombardi
Character Icon (Marco Conti).jpg
Marco Conti


New York