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Survivors come in all different forms and backgrounds

The survivors are the main playable characters of World War Z.

Currently, there is a total of 20 unique characters in the game to play as.

Overview Edit

The survivors are a group of four different people that reflect the location that they hail from. Circumstances that have arisen from the ongoing zombie war have brought each of the four survivors together to work as a group in order to achieve the same goals.

Every survivor is given their own unique appearances, voice lines, personality, and backstory to distinguish each other from one another. Although each and every survivor comes in various heights, shapes, and sizes, as well as different experiences and backgrounds, they all play the same gameplay-wise. Since they do not possess any means of altering gameplay on their own, the character you chose to play as ultimately comes down to preference.

In Co-op Campaign, there are five episodes with four survivors each to choose from. When playing Multiplayer or Horde Mode, players are free to choose any survivor from any location to play as, so long as their teammates have not chosen that survivor already.

The Characters Edit

Location Survivor Profiles
Jerusalem Character Icon (Judd Whitaker)
Judd Whitaker
Character Icon (Dina Mizrahi)
Dina Mizrahi
Character Icon (Ethan Wolfe)
Ethan Wolfe
Character Icon (Daniel Alahey)
Daniel Alahey
New York Character Icon (Angel Flores)
Angel Flores
Character Icon (Tashaun Burnell)
Tashaun Burnell
Character Icon (Bunko Tatsumi)
Bunko Tatsumi
Character Icon (Arnetta Larkin)
Arnetta Larkin
Moscow Character Icon (Oksana Orlovskaya)
Oksana Orlovskaya
Character Icon (Ivan Dovchenko)
Ivan Dovchenko
Character Icon (Timur Yushkevich)
Timur Yushkevich
Character Icon (Sergey Popov)
Sergei Popov
Tokyo Character Icon (Sho Sugiyama)
Sho Sugiyama
Character Icon (Kimiko Nomura)
Kimiko Nomura
Character Icon (Tatsuo Matsumoto)
Tatsuo Matsumoto
Character Icon (Hiroji Okada)
Hiroji Okada
Marseille Character Icon (Eloise Durand)
Eloise Durand
Character Icon (Raoul Diallo)
Raoul Diallo
Character Icon (Marine Leblanc)
Marine Leblanc
Character Icon (Karim Wahid)
Karim Wahid


New York Edit

Jerusalem Edit

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