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The Supply Bag

The Supply Bag is equipment used by classes in World War Z.

The Supply Bag is used by the Fixer classes in Co-op Campaign, and the Support class in Multiplayer.


Once deployed, anyone that interacts with it will supply themselves with both explosive and regular ammo for their primary weapon. The exceptions for this are the Crossbow and Advanced Combat Weapon as they already fire explosives to begin with. There's a limit of only 10 bags being able to be placed down at one time. Attempting to place more causes the first bag to disappear. Supply Bags also disappear on their own if they are left out for too long.

Despite the appearance of the shots fired when they hit something, the explosive ammunition doesn't cause damage in a small area capable of hitting others nearby. What it actually does is deal significantly increased damage. This makes it strong against normal zekes and especially useful when fighting against special zombies. While it is still effective against groups of zekes thanks to the damage buff, explosive ammunition comes with the down side of bringing a primary weapon's max penetration stat to 0. This is a non-issue for weapons that lack penetration to begin with. Weapon perks that increase penetration can also bypass this. The Fixer themself has the perk "Powershot" that allows them to circumvent this issue as well.

Supply Bags have a unique weakness as the explosion from the Bomber can destroy them when in range. As always, attempt to defuse the Bomber when he approaches rather than killing him outright. Doing so will negate any chances of him destroying any nearby bags that have been placed.


The Supply Bag is based on ammunition boxes. The actual design of the container is largely original, though its rectangular shape, green color, and side latch are meant to evoke the appearance of metal ammo cans. Judging by the bag's ridges, it is made out of some kind of durable plastic as opposed to a steel construction. Bright orange and a couple of cautionary explosive labels indicate the dangerous contents of the bag.

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