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The Stun Gun

The Stun Gun is equipment used by classes in World War Z.

The Stun Gun is used by the Slasher class in Co-op Campaign, and the Assassin class in Multiplayer.


When fired, two electrodes are propelled and electricity is fired, stunning anyone on the receiving end. The electricity instantaneously arcs towards any nearby enemies up to a certain amount and they will be stunned for the same duration as well. The stunned zekes will take damage over time. Apart from being an effective crowd controlling tool, the Stun Gun is also great at freeing pinned teammates from Lurkers and Bulls.


The Stun Gun is based on the Taser, specifically the X26 model. As a reference to that specific model, written on both sides of the weapon is the fictional model name X8. Just like the X26, the Stun Gun is a single-shot weapon with cartridges that fires fires two dart-like electrodes. Firing breaks the blast doors off the cartridge and releases many AFID (Anti-Felon IDentification) tags. The Stun Gun also has an attachment known as the Extended Digital Power Magazine which comes with the benefit of an additional grip grove that extends the weapon's existing grip to accommodate users with larger hands and a storage bay underneath for holding onto a spare cartridge.


  • Although stun guns and Tasers are different things, the terms are often used interchangeably. A stun gun, which is quite a misnomer, is not a gun but a handheld direct contact weapon while a Taser is a ranged weapon. However, unlike the stun gun, Taser is not a generic term but a registered trademark. As almost all the weapons in the game follows the practice of modifying weapon names likely for avoiding trademark infringement, the generic term stun gun was likely chosen for this reason as well.
  • In-game, there are far fewer AFID tags being fired out of the Stun Gun compared to its real-world equivalent.
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