The Stim Pistol

The Stim Pistol is equipment used by classes in World War Z.

The Stim Pistol is used by the Medic class in Co-op Campaign, and the Striker class in Multiplayer.

Overview[edit | edit source]

When used, it adds temporary health to a player for a limited time. Any damage is taken while under its effect will be reduced from the temporary health first. This fake health appears as a yellow bar on top of the player's regular health bar. It will deteriorate over time, even if the affected player is not being attacked.

Tapping the equipment button will use the Stim Pistol on themselves. Holding down the equipment button and looking at another nearby player will cause them to be highlighted and letting go of the button will have the player fire the Stim Pistol and use it on them. Note that the stim pistol cannot highlight players when they are not in the line of sight. If you used the stim pistol on the edge of getting incapacitated, the player will have a health boost but at the same time on the floor, however, when the perk fighting chance is unlocked, the player will get up and can use their fake health.

When the Stim Pistol is applied, there will be a yellow blur that eventually clears up.

Some perks will boost the effectiveness of the Stim Pistol such as giving players and teammates even more temporary heath, extending the effect's duration, and even applying the effects of the Masking Gas Grenade.

Design[edit | edit source]

The Stim Pistol is based on jet injectors. The design and shape of the pistol is modern with a more compact appearance. A white shell provides a stable grip for the user and keeps the CO2 canister securely in place.

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