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South Korea is an Asian country located next to North Korea and is close to Japan and China. It is briefly discussed in World War Z. Before it was overrun by zombies, it was a very wealthy country like Japan, but was more individualistic and influenced by the USA.

World War Z

The outbreak has hit south Korea if we put it mildly, Badly. After a Yonkers like defeat at Inchon the military scrambled and retreated to the mountains whilst Seoul, the capital of the nation with a population of over 12 million has been overrun by the raging hordes. after the raj Singh method was implemented and the US mobilizes on the offensive, Korea too started to retake it's nation but some generals refused to leave the DMZ out of fear of North Korea taking advantage of the lack of troops in the border, only half of the army was sent out to liberate the nation making it a slow painful drive to busan.

Current Status

Overrunned Pop:0 Zombies:51,269,185 Military:Devistated



• Incheon - a prewar major Korean city and port, located near the capital Seoul. It's the location of the Battle of Incheon, South Korea's version of the Battle of Yonkers.

• Busan - a prewar important port and the second largest city of South Korea, it's the location where the first zombie cases of the nation are reported.

• Mokpo - a Korean city, mentioned as being evacuated during the war.

• Seoul - prewar capital and largest city of South Korea, mentioned as having outbreaks.

• Daejeon - a prewar major Korean city, mentioned as having outbreaks.

• Gangneung - a city on the northeastern coast of South Korea, it was mentioned as being put under siege during the course of the war.