The Shotgun is a Tier I primary weapon featured in World War Z.

Overview Edit

The Shotgun, or M500, is a pump-action shotgun. It is the default starting weapon of the Hellraiser and Exterminator classes.

Design Edit

The Shotgun is based on the Remington 870. Despite its model name suggesting it is a Mossberg 500, the Shotgun bears only a scant resemblance to the Mossberg, with a squared-off trigger guard.

The weapon model features a wooden stock, with a metal barrel and receiver. Unlike most rifles and pistols that use detachable box magazines, the Shotgun uses a fixed tubular magazine under the barrel. Ammunition is loaded two at a time from the bottom of the receiver.

As the Shotgun is upgraded, the default wooden buttstock and forend are replaced with polymer ones. The weapon is also improved with the optional additions of different accessories, such as an optic rail to accommodate weapon sights, a heat shield, a laser aiming device, a tactical choke tube or suppressor, and an extended magazine tube.

Performance Edit

The Shotgun is the only shotgun available in Tier I. The weapon fires pellets, which follow a spread pattern that grows in size as the range increases. This makes the Shotgun very powerful in close-quarter engagements, but less effective at longer ranges.

As a pump-action shotgun, the Shotgun has to be manually cycled after every shot, resulting in a drastically slower rate of fire.

The Shotgun may be upgraded, with each improvement increasing its power, accuracy, and handling, as well as increasing its magazine size to 12.

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