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The Shotgun, also known as the M500, is a Tier I primary weapon in World War Z.

For classes in Co-op Campaign, it is the default starting primary weapon of the Hellraiser and the Exterminator. For classes in Multiplayer, it is the default starting primary weapon of the Survivor.


The Shotgun is a close-range pump-action weapon. It has a slow rate of fire. Each shot fires several pellets which follow a spread pattern that grows in size as the range increases. This makes the Shotgun very powerful up-close, but less effective at longer ranges. While reloading, two shells are loaded at a time.

A suppressor upgrade to make the gun silent can be unlocked at level 5.

The Shotgun is the only Tier I weapon that has bullet penetration from the start.

Unique Versions

Biohazard Weapon (DLC)

A Shotgun with a unique design and high stats was included as part of the DLC Biohazard Weapon Pack. This version of the Shotgun can be equipped regardless of the weapon's current level.

Weapon Stats

Level Icon Power Accuracy Handling Fire
Magazine Carried
1 Shotgun Lv 1 Icon.jpg 5 2 2 1 1 8 56
2 Shotgun Lv 2 Icon.jpg 7 2 2 1 1 12 84
3 Shotgun Lv 3 Icon.jpg 9 3 3 1 1 12 84
4 Shotgun Lv 4 Icon.jpg 10 4 4 1 1 12 84
5 Shotgun Lv 5 Icon.jpg 10 4 4 1 1 12 84
Unique Versions
Biohazard Shotgun Icon.jpg 10 4 4 1 1 12 84

Weapon Experience Requirements

Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
150 XP 250 XP 400 XP 550 XP


The Shotgun is mainly based on the Mossberg 500. The weapon's actual name, the M500, references that specific model. However, there are a few design changes that are lifted from the Remington Model 870. The Shotgun has the squared-off trigger guard and tang/slide safety of the former, and the ejection port, magazine tube, forend, and barrel of the latter.

As with all customizable weapons, subsequent versions include a multitude of accessories to visually represent its improved stats. Attachments on the Shotgun include magazine tube extensions, scopes accommodated by an optic rail, heat shields, muzzle brakes, flashlight/laser combos, and suppressors. As later versions of the Shotgun are unlocked, the wooden stock and forend are eventually replaced with ones made out of black polymer.

The Biohazard Weapon version of the Shotgun is identical to the fifth version.


Default Shotgun

Shotgun (Upgraded Versions)

Shotgun (Unique Versions)

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