The Scout Rifle is a Tier I primary weapon featured in World War Z.

Overview Edit

The Scout Rifle, or Mini-21, is a semi-automatic rifle. It is the default starting weapon of the Fixer class.

Design Edit

The Scout Rifle is based on the Ruger AC-556, a selective-fire version of the Ruger Mini-14. The weapon model also features a weapon stock and pistol grip reminiscent of the M14E2.

As the Scout Rifle is upgraded, the default wooden stock is replaced with a stainless steel frame with a collapsible stock, and the weapon is improved with the optional additions of different accessories, such as weapon sights, laser aiming devices, suppressors, vertical foregrips, and an extended magazine.

Performance Edit

Being the only rifle available in Tier I, the Scout Rifle boasts higher damage and accuracy, as compared to the other weapons of the same tier. However, its higher power comes at the cost of higher recoil, and its semi-automatic firing mode reduces its overall rate of fire.

The Scout rifle may be upgraded, with each improvement increasing its power, accuracy, and handling, as well as increasing its magazine size to 30.

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