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The SMG is a Tier II primary weapon featured in World War Z.


The SMG, or TMP5, is a fully automatic submachine gun featured in World War Z. The Medic class upgrade Navy Seal spawns your character with the TMP5 already equipped. The Slasher class upgrade Silent Killer spawns your character with the TMP5 with silencer upgrade already equipped.


The red decals displaying the safety/fire mode operation switch.

The SMG is based on the Heckler & Koch MP5A3, with an attached suppressor, a custom forearm and front sight tower, as well as a scope rail located on top of the receiver.

As the SMG is upgraded, the collapsible stock and default pistol grip are replaced with a folding stock and a grooved pistol grip, respectively. The weapon is improved with the optional additions of different accessories, such as weapon sights, laser aiming devices, a compensator, vertical foregrips, and an extended magazine.

The SMG features a nice black and grey color scheme with red decals describing the safety/fire mode operation switch. Like most weapons in WWZ, the exterior is slightly worn with a few scratches.


Compared to the other fully automatic weapons in Tier II, the SMG has superior damage and a higher rate of fire. However, its compact build results in slightly lower accuracy, and its rate of fire gives it slightly poorer handling.

The SMG may be upgraded, with improvements that increase its power, accuracy, handling, and penetration, as well as increasing its magazine size to 40.

The SMG is fun to use, lightweight weapon. Damage at short to medium range is on the low side, however, it features a very fast fire rate to make up for this tactical disadvantage. Due to the Submachine nature of the weapon, ammo goes very fast and can leave you totally out. The suppressor of the stock SMG doesn't actually function as one in game, it acts more as a compensator. The SMG is quieter than other SMG's or rifles but can still alert nearby Z, it's unknown whether the pre-installed compensator/suppressor has any effect on the firing dynamics as a variant without one is not available. The best strategy is to engage closer to the hoard but in close proximity to an ammo crate. SMG pairs best with a powerful secondary like the Combat Shotgun. Using a PDW or Machine Pistol as your secondary is not recommended because of their low damage, high fire rate nature.


  • The level 5 SMG features a "spiKe" compensator. A popular attachment that decreases recoil but also increasing power.
  • Level 2 and up SMG models share the magazine design of its sister weapon the Advanced SMG
  • The stock suppressor shares its model and texture with the level 5 Combat Shotgun
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