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The Pistol, also known as the 1911 Protector, is a Tier I secondary weapon in World War Z.

For classes in Co-op Campaign, it is the default starting secondary weapon of every class in the game. For classes in Multiplayer, it is the default starting primary weapon of the Demolisher and the Striker.


The Pistol is the usual go-to stealth weapon for a majority of the game. Being one of two weapons to possess a suppressor by default, it is extremely useful when trying not to alert or attract idle zekes and calling in a wave. Thanks to it being silent, it is recommended that you take time to aim at the head of idle zekes since headshots are deadly to regular zekes even with a gun as weak as the Pistol.

Some upgrades can allow players to sacrifice the suppressor for more power and accuracy, or keep the suppressor and gain better handling with only slightly increased power.

Unique Versions

Lobo Weapon (DLC)

A Pistol with a unique design and high stats was included as part of World War Z's pre-order bonus and subsequent DLC Lobo Weapon Pack. This version of the Pistol can be equipped regardless of the weapon's current level.

Challenge Coins

A Challenge Coins version of the Pistol can be bought for 1000 Challenge Coins after reaching level 5. This version comes with a unique perk. It also has the suppressor upgrade. It is also the only Pistol version that has penetration, allowing bullets to pass through and hit multiple zekes at once.

The Challenge Coins Pistol's unique perk is called Bounty Hunter. This makes the weapon a very useful tool against special zombies, especially since the damage bonus is greater than that of the class perk version some classes possess. The damage allows quick kills on Lurkers or Gasbags with just body shots, shooting the Bomber's legs is highly effective on top of the additional damage he takes from them already, and headshots are much more powerful against the Infector. Sniping far away Screamers with the Pistol is a bit more viable now if the primary weapon currently in a player's possession is not fit for the job. While other weapons should be used when against the Bull, firing it directly into the Bull's back after a failed charge is the best option.

Weapon Stats

Level Icon Power Accuracy Handling Fire
Magazine Carried
1 Pistol Lv 1 Icon.jpg 2 6 6 4 0 14 84
Main Branch
2 Pistol Lv 2 Icon.jpg 2 6 6 4 0 20 120
3 Pistol Lv 3 Icon.jpg 3 6 7 4 0 20 120
4 Pistol Lv 4 Icon.jpg 3 7 8 4 0 20 120
Alternate Branch
2 Pistol Lv 2 alt Icon.jpg 3 6 6 4 0 14 84
3 Pistol Lv 3 alt Icon.jpg 3 7 6 4 0 20 120
4 Pistol Lv 4 alt Icon.jpg 3 8 7 4 0 20 120
5 Pistol Lv 5 alt Icon.jpg 4 9 7 4 0 20 120
Unique Versions
Lobo Weapon Pistol Icon.jpg 4 8 8 4 0 20 120
Challenge Coin Pistol Icon.jpg 4 7 7 4 2 20 120

Weapon Experience Requirements

Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
100 XP 175 XP 275 XP 375 XP


The Pistol is based on the M1911A1. The weapon's actual name, the 1911 Protector, references that specific model. The magazine would likely only be capable of carrying just seven rounds instead of the 14 it does in-game. The same is also true for the extended magazine which would appear to only carry 10 at most.

As with all customizable weapons, subsequent versions include a multitude of accessories to visually represent its improved stats. Attachments on the Pistol include extended magazines, flashlight/laser combos, red dot sights, fingergroove grips, and muzzle brakes. The Pistol on the alternate branch of upgrades swaps out the black aluminum slide to a slightly longer carbon fiber one.

The Lobo Weapon version of the Pistol is based on the second version on the alternate branch of upgrades, as it is missing the suppressor and has the same carbon fiber slide. Strangely, it lacks the 20-round extended magazine seen on most versions of the Pistol and yet is somehow able to carry just as many rounds without it.

The Challenge Coins version of the Pistol is also based on the second version on the alternate branch of upgrades. However, it has the extended magazine and uniquely, a suppressor, which is not seen on any of the Pistol versions on that branch of upgrades.


Default Pistol

Pistol (Main Branch)

Pistol (Alternate Branch)

Pistol (Unique Versions)

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