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The Survivor is one of ten playable classes for Multiplayer in World War Z.


Perks List




XP Required

Unlock Cost

Element of Surprise Fight with Claymore, MK110 Sniper Rifle, Senjata PDW and BF25 Payload Rifle 0 XP 0 Credit icon.png
1 Gray Matter Killing an enemy player with a headshot will instantly recharge your equipment by 25% 0 XP Credit icon.png
Segment One
2 Quick Drop Planting speed of a claymore increased by 25% 1000 XP 250 Credit icon.png
3 Fire Trap Claymore explosions will set the nearby area on fire 1000 XP 250 Credit icon.png
4 Swapping Mags! Reload speed increased by 30% on all weapons 1000 XP 250 Credit icon.png
Segment Two
5 Long Distance Fight with upgraded MK110 Sniper Rifle 1000 XP 250 Credit icon.png
6 Mini Might Fight with upgraded Mini-21 Scout Rifle 1000 XP 250 Credit icon.png
7 Switcheroo Switching weapons increases weapon damage by 10% for 10 seconds (cooldown 40 seconds) 1500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Segment Three
8 Instant Gratification Killing an enemy player will instantly recharge your equipment by 25% 1500XP 500 Credit icon.png
9 Rotter Slaughter Killing a zombie will instantly recharge your equipment by 5% 1500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
10 Sleight of Hand Switch weapons 50% faster 1500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Segment Four
11 Primary Care Emptying the magazine on your secondary weapon will instantly reload your primary weapon 1500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
12 Adrenaline Reload speed increased by 50% when health is below 25% 1500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
13 Upgrada Senjata Fight with upgraded Senjata PDW in your secondary weapon slot 1500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
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