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The Payload Rifle is a heavy weapon featured in World War Z.


The Payload Rifle or according to the in-game lore: The BF25, is an anti-materiel rifle that fires explosive rounds.


The firearm itself is mainly based on the late model of the XM109 Anti-materiel Payload Rifle, a prototype anti-materiel rifle developed by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing. We also get a sneak peak of the rifle round in Ivan's intro animation, where he struggled to insert the magazine, could be a reason why it is a one-use rifle in the game.


As said earlier, being an anti-materiel rifle loaded with explosive rounds designed for it, this beast is able to take out multiple enemies in a single shot.

Unlike the Hailstorm MGL, its grenades explode upon impact rather than bouncing off and have a longer range.

Going with all heavy weaponry, it has no reserve ammo and will be discarded upon having its ammo depleted.

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