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Nuclear weapons are the most powerful of any weapon known to man. They utilize atomic fission, creating a large amount of energy, even by energetic standards of radioactive decay.


During the battle of Jerusalem, a nuclear weapon was seen detonated in the area which was infested by hordes of millions of zombies. This caused the deaths of thousands of the infected but tragically also the deaths of countless of survivors who may have been in or near the detonation zone.

It was mentioned that nuclear weapons were also used by Pakistan and Iran (which Iran somehow manage to gain in the world war z timeline) due to Iran destroying many of the bordering bridges due to the the waves of refugees flowing in to the country which may cause civil unrest. The Pakistani government viewed this as an act of war and declared war on Iran. When Pakistani troops began to advance near the city of Tehran, Iran fired its nuclear weapons on Pakistan, causing Pakistan to launch its own nuclear weapons in retaliation. After the Iranian-Pakistani war, The nations of Iran and Pakistan became an irradiated landscape filled with small settlements founded by survivors of the war.