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The Mobile Shield

The Mobile Shield (simply, the Shield) is equipment used by classes in World War Z.

The Mobile Shield is used by the Vanguard class in Co-op Campaign.



The Mobile Shield is based on the arm shield. The capabilities of the Mobile Shield is an amalgamation drawn from various different shield designs. The Mobile Shield is durable enough to protect against bullets and explosions, making it a ballistic arm shield at its core. The shield is foldable with two differently-sized spring-loaded folds. Interestingly, the shield seems to be capable of automatically unfolding and refolding without the need for the straps. The middle shield portion is electrified, powered by a battery located on the back side at the top. A pair of window-breaking steel heads on the top and a pair of steel caps on the bottom appear on the middle portion and each pair are shown to conduct electricity.

Unlike most other pieces of equipment, the Mobile Shield shows signs of heavy usage with many scratches, chipped paint, and dried blood all over it.

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