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"I've got meds!" Marine

The Medkit is a healing item in World War Z.

The Medkit is a sizable red and black medical bag bearing a square medical cross logo on the top flap. The contents of the bag consist of only a yellow bottle of first aid antiseptic.

These restorative objects only appear in Co-op Campaign.



The Medkit is the survivors' primary source of recovering lost health. When healing, survivors go into an animation where they pour the yellow antiseptic bottle all over their right arm. A Medkit takes four seconds to apply, although this can be shortened with select perks. During this time, survivors are unable to move or defend themselves from attackers, leaving them vulnerable. If they decide to stop at any time during the process, healing is canceled and the Medkit will not be expended. The same will also occur if they are pinned down or incapacitated while in the middle of healing.

Factors In Healing

Healing rates vary depending on several factors. Each of these factors will contribute to varying amounts of healing done. These factors are:

  • The amount of health a survivor has when being healed
  • Class perks that affect healing percentages
  • Selected difficulty

Healing Rates In The Lower Difficulties

70% is the base percentage that Medkits heal in easy, normal, and hard difficulties. When used, it will permanently restore 70% of the damage done to the survivor being healed.

  • For example, if a player is currently at 25% health and they use a Medkit, they will heal for 52% (70% of 75 damage done), totaling up to 77% health. A substantial amount of healing has been done.
  • In another example, if a player is currently at 80% health and they use a Medkit, they will heal for 14% (70% of 20 damage done), totaling up to 94% health. A comparatively smaller amount of healing has been done.
  • Should a survivor possess a very high health percent (roughly over 90% health) when using a Medkit, they will fully recover back to 100% health.

*The examples above are only estimates and assume that survivors are being healed at a base 70% without any other modifiers. Percentages are rounded to the nearest whole number.

Healing At Extremely Low Health

When a survivor is at critical health, typically around 10% or lower, a Medkit will heal very slightly more. This can be observed by healing a survivor at 1% health as, by the end of the healing animation, they will recover 75%, an additional 5% more on top of the regular 70%.

Healing Rates In Higher Difficulties

When playing in either the extreme or insane difficulties, Medkits heal more effectively to offset the high amounts of damage the survivors receive from everything. On the extreme difficulty, healing with Medkits improves only marginally. On the insane difficulty, players with Medkits heal almost to full when at very low health.

Sharing Meds

Medkits can be shared with others. While facing a fellow survivor, players can choose to use their own Medkit on their allies. While healing others, the aiding survivor will go into an animation appearing as though they are offering something towards their heal target. It still takes four seconds to heal them and the healer can choose to cancel at any time. Much like the healer, the survivor being healed will not be able to move during the process, but they can still use their weapons and melee attack to defend themselves and their healer. It is still recommended to be in a relatively safe area to avoid or minimize the chances of being attacked while healing.

Resetting Incapacitation Count

In addition to healing back up to a healthier state, the application of a Medkit will also reset the healed survivor's incapacitation count. You and your teammates can only be incapacitated a few times without healing from a Medkit until the last incapacitation where they will suffer an immediate death and subsequent zombification upon losing all their health. The number of times a survivor can be incapacitated before dying will be fewer and fewer as the difficulty is set higher and higher. When a player is on their last incapacitation, the screen will become slightly saturated and the character will constantly express their pain and anguish verbally. It is critical to use or find a Medkit at this state or suffer a lengthy respawn time once they go down for the last time.

Finding Medkits

Medkits can be found scattered around the level in random spots. The less health you and your team has, the likelier you are of finding a Medkit along your path. The same is also true for Medkits that can be found in an open crate next to ammo boxes that appear in areas where something imminent such as a swarm event will occur. The higher the chosen difficulty, the less likely your team will find Medkits in these specific areas. You are likely to find at least one Medkit in those crates when playing in the lower difficulties. In higher difficulties, the likely spots for finding a Medkit will be from the crates scattered throughout the chapter.

The Medic Class

The Medic is one of the seven playable classes for Co-op Campaign. As the class title implies, the Medic is the primary healing class of the game.

With a single Medic on your team, they can improve how much healing is done to others and benefit from doing so at the same time. Thanks to their starting core perk, they get to start with a Medkit (for hard difficulty and up) and get healed a bit when using it on others. Thanks to their available perks, Medics vastly improve the effectiveness of Medkits and healing done, so it is extremely vital that Medics get top priority when it comes to picking up Medkits. This is especially important in higher difficulties due to the lack of supplies found around the area.

The only time it is appropriate to pick up a Medkit with a Medic around is if they already have one on them while everyone else is in stable condition. If necessary, allow the Medic to heal someone that is low on health and then let them take the found Medkit. Never take a Medkit if the team's Medic currently does not have one. It is crucial, almost pivotal, for the Medic to collect it. Survivability is improved by allowing Medics to handle the decision of using the Medkit so trust them to take it and make the right choice.

Equally important is for the Medic to be upstanding as well. Camaraderie goes both ways. As a Medic, it is important that you attend to your teammates' needs above yours. Given that you receive healing from healing others, it is more desirable to use a Medkit on others and rely primarily on that 25% healing kickback from your starting core perk to keep you going instead. Only use a Medkit on yourself in the direst of situations or if it can be spared. It can be wishful thinking to expect random players, especially newer ones with a lack of experience, to be selfless and give a Medkit for someone else. When it does happen, however, be sure to return the favor and put your team first and foremost.


Dina performing a bomb-defusing melee finisher on the Bomber, making him drop a Medkit in return

  • Before the Crossplay Update, the Bomber used to have a chance of dropping a Medkit as loot when taken down without exploding.