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Max Brooks is an actor, author and lecturer based in the USA. He wrote the books The Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z and Closured, Limited and Other Zombie Tales.


Born in 1972, he is the son of two very famous and wealthy actors (Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft). He has done lots of work in acting and writing, with a particularly strong interest in zombies. He wrote his first book (The Zombie Survival Guide) in 2003, with World War Z in 2006 and Closured, Limited and Other Zombies Tales in 2012. He has described is own interest in zombies stemming from his own anxiety.

World War Z

Max Brooks is a character within World War Z. Before the War, he wrote The Zombie Survival Guide which exists in the World War Z universe. Within the universe, he worked for the United Nations Postwar Commission as a journalist. Although initially hired to do statistical analysis on the various demographic, economic, environmental, technological and political changes in the world. He became obsessed with 'the human factor' a collection of interviews of people's personal experiences in The Zombie War. He traveled the world, interviewing various people and recording their stories, which he eventually published a book, hoping to give advice to future generations on preparing for crises.

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