Max Brooks is an actor, author and lecturer based in the USA. He wrote the books The Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z and Closured, Limited and Other Zombie Tales.

Real-Life[edit | edit source]

Born in 1972, he is the son of two very famous and wealthy actors (Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft). He has done lots of work in acting and writing, with a particularly strong interest in zombies. He wrote his first book (The Zombie Survival Guide) in 2003, with World War Z in 2006 and Closured, Limited and Other Zombies Tales in 2012. He has described is own interest in zombies stemming from his own anxiety.

World War Z[edit | edit source]

Max Brooks is a character within World War Z. Before the War, he wrote The Zombie Survival Guide which exists in the World War Z universe. Within the universe, he worked for the United Nations Postwar Commission as a journalist. Although initially hired to do statistical analysis on the various demographic, economic, environmental, technological and political changes in the world. He became obsessed with 'the human factor' a collection of interviews of people's personal experiences in The Zombie War. He traveled the world, interviewing various people and recording their stories, which he eventually published a book, hoping to give advice to future generations on preparing for crises.

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