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Marseille is a city in World War Z.


French Resistance

At the French Riviera, a group of survivors, Eloise Durand, Raoul Diallo, Marine Leblanc and Karim Wahid are put into a team as part of a larger group that is scavenging the city for supplies. Their operator. Jeremy, informs them that they lost contact with Fort de Bouc, indicating that it has been overrun. Eloise comments that Barcelona and Montpellier have also fallen in the same day, upon which the group realizes that the swarm has been moving at a rate of 20 kilometers an hour, as the total distance between the three points is 475.

On the way to the pharmacy, they find Marcel, a member of team 1, dead inside. The team then begins searching the former survivors for medicine, mostly cephalosporin. Eloise informs Jeremy that they are going to search the church, much to his worry as they're "cutting it close". The team manages to find their medicine just as a swarm is arriving. Arriving at the north gates, they find no one at the posts, so they volunteer to defend against the swarm and successfully do so.

Jeremy then informs them that team two is in danger of being overrun and that they are at the square. The team fights their way to the square, learning on the way that the army left heavy weaponry there. Fort Niolon has reported a swarm of unmeasurable size, and as such, they need the weapons to hold them off. Team two's cutters extract the weapons and depart, before their leader comes in with another van to evacuate the remaining members.

As Jeremy is informed of the successful extraction, he tells them that they have lost contact with Fort Niolon and that their last transmission was that the swarm was never-ending, much to the group's horror. The group decides to head to Fort Niolon, as they need their missiles to defend their own base.

Missile Command

Arriving outside the fort, the team is forced to fight their way through town as the other methods to approach are too dangerous for them, and the town has a quarry with a lift as an alternative method. The team discusses who should stay behind to fire the missiles, but are unable to come to an agreement at the time. Arriving at the quarry, they start the lift, only for a swarm to descend on them. Fortunately, they repel the swarm and manage to get to Niolon.

In the fort, they find zeke assembled trying to get at something and clear them out. To their surprise, the team discovers that some had survived. The "leader", Gaspard, states that most survived, although they are weak. He offers to help locate the missiles for the team, but they insist on doing it themselves, and that after the current situation is resolved, they need him to help defend Marseille. The team destroys four tunnels that are funneling zeke to the fortress, while defending Gaspard from those that managed to get in. After clearing all of the zeke, Gaspard and the others are released.

Last Bastion

Returning to Marseille, Jeremy is worried they will fall to the zeke, but Eloise insists they'll get through. Jeremy tells them that there is a fuel tanker outside and that they will create a moat of fire to stop the zeke. The first of the swarm arrives, but is repulsed by the survivors. Jeremy then discovers that more zeke are still leaking inside, realizing that there is a breach. Eloise recognizes this as a sewer leak and the team descends to the sewers and repel all the zeke inside. Jeremy then has them search the armory, which is mostly dark, to find the explosives.

Upon finding the explosives, the team sets them off to collapse the breach. However, more zeke are still charging into the fortress, and despite the team's attempts to cover the breaches, they continue swarming in. Radio contact with Fort Niolon is severed, but Jeremy is able to acquire a flare gun for the team to use. The team fires the flare gun, alerting Fort Niolon's inhabitants, who fire missiles outside the fortress, annihilating the swarm. The team celebrates over their victory.


  • The audio that plays when highlighted has a base seemly overrun by a large number of Zekes, and killing or infecting the survivors, presumably either Fort de Bouc, Barcelona, or Montpellier.