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Mutators are rule modifiers that change how the game is played.

Mutators are prominently used in Challenge Mode and can also be activated in the game settings of private lobbies.


There are a total of 49 different mutators.

Challenge Mode Mutators

In Challenge Mode, three mutators are chosen beforehand to mold the challenge for the chosen chapter.

Private Lobby Mutators

In private lobbies, a lower or greater number of mutators can be activated at the whims of the players to adjust the gameplay experience.

Note 1: There are 17 unique and 32 common mutators. Unique mutators are categorically grouped together and can only have one of them active at a time. Trying to activate another mutator from the same group will deactivate the previously activated one. Common mutators are not restricted and any combination of them can be activated. This applies to both Challenge Mode and private lobbies.

Note 2: In private lobbies, some mutators affect rewards and progress. Any mutators with this external condition will be labeled with an asterisk [*] beside the mutator name. Activating multiple mutators of this kind will not further decrease rewards as it can only reduce it once. It reads as follows:

  • Completing levels with this mutator will reduce rewards by 50%, and successful level completion will not count towards earning special rewards like the extreme sniper rifle. You will still gain weapon experience points as usual.

Mutators List

Disclaimer: The mutators written down below are taken verbatim (word for word) from the game. Any notable grammar and writing errors are labeled with [sicbeside them.

Mutator Description
Unique (one at a time)
Comfort Zone mutator icon.png
Comfort Zone
You will slowly lose your health (2% of health per second) when there are no teammates within 5 meters (16 feet) of you for more than 5 seconds.
Personal Space mutator icon.png
Personal Space
You will slowly lose your health (2% of health per second) when there is at least one teammate within 5 meters (16 feet) of you for more than 5 seconds.
Hunger mutator icon.png
You will begin to slowly lose your health 10 seconds after your last zombie kill (0.5% of health per second).
Unique (one at a time)
Perfect Condition mutator icon.png
Perfect Condition
You can't die by being incapacitated, but every incapacitation will decrease your mass health by 25% (but no less than 10% of it's [sic] original value).
Instadeath mutator icon.png
When your health reaches zero, you will die instantly instead of being incapacitated first.
1 UP mutator icon.png
1 UP
You won't be able to respawn and get back into the fight after you die.
Iron Man mutator icon.png
Iron Man
You have only one chance to live. When your health reaches zero, you will die with no respawn for the remainder of the mission.
Unique (one at a time)
Special Forces mutator icon.png
Special Forces*
Special zombies will arrive twice as often as usual.
Cannon Fodder mutator icon.png
Cannon Fodder*
There will be no special zombies but zombie waves will be more numerous.
Unique (one at a time)
Crossbow Fiesta mutator icon.png
Crossbow Fiesta
Everyone gets a free crossbow and can't have any other primary weapon.
Shotgun Fiesta mutator icon.png
Shotgun Fiesta
Every player gets a shotgun and can only find shotguns as primary and secondary weapons on the mission.
Unique (one at a time)
Restless Hordes mutator icon.png
Restless Hordes
Zombie waves will arrive twice as often.
Light Waves mutator icon.png
Light Waves*
Zombie waves will be twice shorter.
Unique (one at a time)
All Flash, No Bang mutator icon.png
All Flash, No Bang
There will be more primary and secondary weapons scattered throughout the level, but you won't find ammo crates.
Heavy Hitters mutator icon.png
Heavy Hitters*
You'll find many more heavy weapons than usual on the mission.
Gun Shortage mutator icon.png
Gun Shortage
The only new weapons you'll find on the mission are heavy weapons. Heavy weapons have twice more ammo.
Looting Is a Crime mutator icon.png
Looting Is a Crime
You will find much less pickups in the mission
Common (several can be used at once)
Empty Pockets & Ammo Dump mutator icon.png
Empty Pockets
Carried ammo for primary and secondary weapons reduced by 50%.
Empty Pockets & Ammo Dump mutator icon.png
Ammo Dump
When reloading a weapon all ammo left in the magazine will be lost.
Low Capacity mutator icon.png
Low Capacity
Primary and secondary weapon magazines are reduced by 50%.
Rookie mutator icon.png
All your class perks except for the first one won't work.
Slow mutator icon.png
You can't sprint.
Asthma mutator icon.png
You will slowly lose your health (3% per second) when sprinting.
Small Pharma mutator icon.png
Small Pharma
You won't find any medkits on the mission.
Defenseless mutator icon.png
You won't find any defense kits or defenses on the mission.
Shaky Hands mutator icon.png
Shaky Hands
Shooting on the move and without aiming is extremely inaccurate.
Limited Reach mutator icon.png
Limited Reach
All firearms won't deal damage on distance longer than 50 meters (165 feet) [sic]
Thief mutator icon.png
No ammo crates, but each melee kill restores 3% of your primary and secondary weapon's ammo. +50% melee damage to zombies.
Looter mutator icon.png
You won't find equipment bags on the mission, but your equipment will be constantly regenerating (100 seconds to replenish to maximum).
Revenge mutator icon.png
Team members will produce a huge explosion when they die.
I Feel Your Pain mutator icon.png
I Feel Your Pain
A randomly chosen player will have 100% more health, but all damage taken by the team redirects to him. If he dies, it's game over.
Treason mutator icon.png
Friendly fire is tripled for the whole team.
Weakness mutator icon.png
Melee attacks do 75% less damage than they normally would.
Night Time mutator icon.png
Night Time
Many more idle zombies will be scattered throughout the levels.
Pinned Down mutator icon.png
Pinned Down
You can be pinned to the ground by far fewer zombies than usual.
Nemesis mutator icon.png
You will be chased throughout the entire mission by a Bull that can't be killed.
Elite Squad mutator icon.png
Elite Squad*
You can encounter unusual zombies who are very hard to kill. They're very slow but they can instantly pin you down.
A Dud mutator icon.png
A Dud
All explosives do 75% less damage to zombies.
Iron Hide mutator icon.png
Iron Hide
Zombies are harder to stagger with bullet hits
Undying mutator icon.png
Special zombies will have twice as much health as usual.
Just a Scratch mutator icon.png
Just a Scratch
Zombies won't take any damage from headshots.
Chainsaw Massacre mutator icon.png
Chainsaw Massacre
Only chainsaws are available as heavy weapons for the entire mission.
Die Hard mutator icon.png
Die Hard*
All team members have 50% more health.
Class Weakness Gunslinger mutator icon.png
Class Weakness: Gunslinger
Gunslinger will have 50% less health and will inflict 50% less damage to enemies.
Class Weakness Hellraiser mutator icon.png
Class Weakness: Hellraiser
Hellraiser will have 50% less health and will inflict 50% less damage to enemies.
Class Weakness Medic mutator icon.png
Class Weakness: Medic
Medic will have 50% less health and will inflict 50% less damage to enemies.
Class Weakness Fixer mutator icon.png
Class Weakness: Fixer
Fixer will have 50% less health and will inflict 50% less damage to enemies.
Class Weakness Slasher mutator icon.png
Class Weakness: Slasher
Slasher will have 50% less health and will inflict 50% less damage to enemies.
Class Weakness Exterminator mutator icon.png
Class Weakness: Exterminator
Exterminator will have 50% less health and will inflict 50% less damage to enemies.