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Jerusalem is a city in Israel visited in World War Z.

World War Z (Game)

After the fall of Jerusalem, Dr. Alex Greengold and his research team were trapped in an old building. Six weeks later, all of his fellow co-workers were either killed or infected. With food and water beginning to run out and a swarm bearing outside, Dr. Greengold desperately sent out a distress call in hopes of being rescued. It appears that the IDF or a multi-national taskforce have intercepted his distress call, which in turn, sent a team comprised of a former top New York Journalist, two IDF members, and a former SAS demolition member to rescue Greengold in hopes of regaining access to a top-secret orbital weaponry in the fight against the zeke.

Brain Surgery

Upon arriving at Jerusalem, Alpha is advised by Phoenix (the pilot) to make their way to Greengold before the zeke overwhelm him, arriving at an abandoned checkpoint. They activate loudspeakers to draw the zeke away from Greengold's house, before making their way there.

After confirming that Greengold is safe, the team requests an evac, only to be informed that a swarm is bearing down on their position. They repulse the swarm and try to take Greengold to safety, but he tells them that he needs the launch codes, their suitcases being held in a hospital and the consulate. The team acquires the two suitcases, upon which Greengold tells them that he can only start the sequence up at the primary terminal at Rah-ahm base. Phoenix informs them that the base is defended by a Machbet AA system that would shoot them down.

As the Phoenix heads towards the helipad to evacuate Alpha and the VIP, swarms descend on it from all sides. The team make it to the helicopter, but Phoenix is forced to fix the tail rotor as one of the zeke snagged it on the way. After making repairs, they escape just in time.

Dead Sea Stroll

Alpha has Phoenix drop them off as close as possible without getting shot down by the system, where they are dropped off near a dam. They comments on the nearby road full of abandoned vehicles, refugees who converted into zeke overnight when the swarms descended on them. Upon arriving at the dam, Phoenix informs them of another swarm. The team orders Greengold to move to safety while they deal with the swarm. Greengold assists the team by activating the dam's turbines, shredding massive amounts of zeke in the process, and allowing the team to prevail. Phoenix then leaves the team for the time being as he tries to draw as much zeke away from the area as possible.

They make their way through the facility and into a road to the nearby town, where some of the IDF attempted a last stand. They clear the incoming swarm and arrive at the town, where Greengold finds a workable vehicle, but needs some parts to make it fully work. The team acquires car parts lying around and Greengold repairs the car in time before another swarm descends on them.

Tech Support

Alpha arrive at the town outside Rah-ahm, clearing a local garrison for a keycard to allow Greengold to enter the facility. Greengold sets off an alarm in the process, alerting a swarm to their position. He tells the group that he can disable the alarm, but it would open all of the doors in the facility. The four fight off the swarm and get into the bunker, upon which Greengold closes the door they just came in from. Unfortunately, the other door is not closing. Greengold informs them that there should be a backup generator nearby, which Alpha finds and turns on to close the other door. Luck is not on their side once again as the zeke swarm from the inside, but Greengold is able to turn a turbine off to allow the team to enter before they turn it back on to stop the zeke from pursuing them.

Reunited with Greengold, they arrive at a command center where he starts up the launch terminal. Following Greengold's instructions, they assist him in making a key that can be used on any labtop, and that the Machbet AA system has been disabled. Alpha tries to contact Phoenix, initially in despair after he fails to return their signal, but are relieved when he finally responds. They hold off a massive swarm just long enough for Phoenix to arrive, and watch as Greengold activates the orbital system, annihilating the massive swarm in the single push of a button, to the team's astonishment.