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{{Infobox_Special_Zombies|image1 = Infector close up.jpg|row1 = Female|row2 = *Spits out a saliva ball projectile that can infect players from a distance
{{Infobox_Special_Zombies|image1 = Infector close up.jpg|row1 = Female|row2 = *Spits out a saliva ball projectile that can infect players from a distance
*Regenerates to full health after being downed for some time without being killed
*Regenerates to full health after being downed for some time without being killed

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The Infector is a special zombie in World War Z. She became a permanent addition to the undead horde in the Undead Sea Update.

The Infector's toxic saliva will quickly turn any living person unfortunate enough to get spat on into a zombie if they do not clean it off in time.

Physical Appearance

The Infector is a zeke dressed in a torn straitjacket and ripped blue jeans. A yellow medical knee brace is attached to her right knee. A green hospital bracelet with writing on it is worn on her right wrist. Several catheters going through the right side of her neck are attached with catheter dressing. An eye pad covers her right eye and is anchored there by some bandages wrapped around her head. Two syringes each containing a different colored liquid, red and greenish-yellow respectively, stick to the back of her right shoulder through her straitjacket. The fingernails on both of her hands are painted pink.

The Infector's straitjacket has been ripped up in a few areas. The right arm sleeve and the straps that restrain it have been torn off, freeing her right arm. The sleeve on the left arm has been partially torn open, revealing her left hand. However, it remains restrained, unlike her other arm. Her blue jeans are also tattered, torn up around the ankle for the right pant leg, and up to the knee for the left pant leg. The straitjacket is slightly loose-fitting, revealing from behind that the Infector does not appear to wear anything underneath of it.

The Infector's mouth and cheeks are heavily damaged. Her lower lips have been torn and pulled down, and some of her teeth are missing. Because her mouth is always open, her tongue sticks out prominently.

Abilities & Behavior

The Infector proves to be fairly calculating and cunning compared to other zekes. Given her strange abilities, she is capable of attacking from a distance and running away during combat. Due to her condition, she produces a lot of gurgling and drooling noises.

The Infector has several abilities that make her an exceptionally dangerous threat. Her main ability is to spit a large ball of toxic saliva that can infect humans if they do not wipe it off in time shortly after getting splashed with it. In addition to spitting out her saliva as a projectile, she also spews it out of her mouth while swiping at her targets in melee range, enhancing her melee attacks. After sustaining a lot of damage, the Infector collapses on the floor and writhes around for some time. If she does not get killed during this time, she will get back up at full health while shedding some blood.

The Infector's ability to spit out her fluids as a projectile is quite impressive as a means of spreading the infection. Equally impressive is her proficiency to aim her spitballs with enough accuracy even from considerably long distances. Most oddly though, the Infector proves to be very resilient to damage, being capable of absorbing all sorts of damage despite not wearing anything that could even remotely be considered protective. The Infector's unnatural toughness also lends to her near-supernatural ability to regenerate some time after being taken down and left without being properly handled afterward. The combination of abilities she possesses makes her quite an enigma amongst the undead.

Strategy & Tactics

"The Infector is resistant to bullets and can get back up after being knocked down, but she can be finished off with one melee strike when she's on the ground."
"The Infector's spit is extremely dangerous. If you get hit by it and don't disinfect quickly enough, you'll immediately become a zombie."
"If you get hit by the Infector's spit, getting up from incapacitation or healing with a medkit will also remove your infection." ― Tutorial Tips
The Infector creates high stakes for players whenever she arrives. If her toxic saliva manages to hit someone, they can be put out of commission sooner than they would like unless they are quick enough to wipe it off. Despite her appearance, she is surprisingly durable and possesses regeneration that cannot allow her to go ignored once she is finally forced to the floor. Dodge her spitballs, keep your distance, and be sure to finish her off once she is down. Focus your fire on her to make sure she does not get another chance to spray it.













  • The Infector's green hospital bracelet indicates that she had a latex allergy.


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