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India was once the second largest country in the world with one of the largest economies and militaries. Owing to its large population and poor infrastructure, it was devastated by the Solanum virus. It is mentioned in The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z. It is noted for its extremely high level of military tension with its neighbour Pakistan.

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During the Great Panic, many people from all over India traveled to the coast, hoping to get on a ship and escape the chaotic mainland. This led to a chaotic scene of tightly-packed sinking, burning and infested ships of all size floating among people desperately trying to sail away from the country. Many ship-owners only took people with money, white people or young women (for prostitution) whilst many others dived in to rescue drowning people out of pure altruism.[1] Other refugees fled through Pakistan, trying to get to the Middle East or Europe, leading to a refugee crisis in Iran, eventually leading to a nuclear war between Pakistan and Iran.[2]

Current Status

The Indian government doesn't have much money to repair its infrastructure of remove damaged ships from its coastline. Leaving giant, rusting monuments scattered on beaches.[1]


  • Ajay Shah - an office manager who tried to escape by boat in Alang.
  • Sardar Khan - a civilian engineer tasked to detonate one of the mountain passes to cover the government's retreat, now he is a project manager that oversees the restoration of the Udaipur Lake Palace.
  • General Raj-Singh - the late Indian general who is famous for his involvement in the Battle of Gandhi Park, and for his use of the military formation that proved to be effective during the battle with the hordes.


  • Alang - a now abandoned stretch of beach used to break ships by scrap-iron cards. It was flooded with refugees, zombies and ships as people tried to escape India during the Great Panic.
  • New Delhi - prewar and presumably also postwar Indian capital, it was overrun during the war and is the location of the famed Battle of Gandhi Park.
  • Varanasi - a holy site to Hinduism, it was described as being overrun and along with the entire length of the Ganges, was one of the "hottest white nexus" on earth.
  • Udaipur Lake Palace - a once famed hotel located in Lake Pichola, Udaipur. It was described as a safe haven for several hundred refugees during the war, until an outbreak of cholera killed them all. After the war, the hotel along with the surrounding city is mentioned as being restored.
  • Chandigarh - an Indian city, it is described as being overrun during the war.
  • Shimla - prewar capital of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, it's located in the Himalayas and was the assembly point of Khan's unit during the retreat.



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