Enough explosives can solve any problem! Hellraisers come armed with explosive tools for effective crowd control.

"With a talent for blowing things up, the Hellraiser is a master of explosives" ― Hellraiser class description

The Hellraiser is one of seven playable classes for Co-op Campaign in World War Z.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Hellraiser is a class tasked with providing reliable extermination demolition with the use of a lot of explosives to blast anything undead to bits.

With more than a couple of perks related to all things explosive, the Hellraiser excels at devastating groups of zekes using anything that blows up. Given the dangers of such a role, a few perks also give the Hellraiser some resistance to explosions to greatly reduce injuries caused by any mistimed explosion. Choosing the Hellraiser will make using anything that explodes more effective and satisfying. As such, you must use them efficiently to break down large gatherings of enemies and control the crowds.

The Hellraiser's starting core perk doesn't grant any sort of passive buff like the other classes. However, it does start the Hellraiser off with the MGL, making them the only class able to start with a heavy weapon without requiring a regular perk to be active.

The equipment of choice for the Hellraiser is the C4. This destructive tool can be strategically placed on any surface it makes contact with and be detonated at the Hellraiser's discretion to maximize its effectiveness.
Alternatively, by choosing a specific perk, the Hellraiser can have the Claymore Mine as their equipment of choice instead. This lethal tool can be placed on the ground for setting a defensive perimeter near important areas and covering your flank.

Perks List[edit | edit source]

Regular & Core Perks[edit | edit source]




XP Required

Unlock Cost

Demoman Start with C4, Shotgun and Hailstorm MGL 0 XP 0 Credit icon.png
Segment One
1 Throwing arm Throw distance of a C4 increased by 50% 0 XP Credit icon.png
2 Here Kitty C4 will attract zombies for 5 seconds after being planted but can kill 35% less targets (base: 14) 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
3 Not Today You may become incapacitated 1 additional time before dying 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
Segment Two
4 Welcome Mat Upon trigger Claymores will attract zombies for 3 seconds before explosion. Start with Claymores 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
5 Green Fingered Planting speed of Claymores is increased by 50%. 25% chance to plant the Claymore at no cost to your equipment. Start with Claymores 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
6 Welcoming Committee Any mortar used by you or teammates can kill 25% more targets (base: 40) 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
Segment Three
7 Unshakeable Self-inflicted explosive damage reduced by 100% 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
8 Directed Blast You deal 100% more damage to zombies with all explosives 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
9 Nimble Thumbs All shotguns' reload speed increased by 50% 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
10 Demolition Squad Explosive equipment can kill 25% more targets. Applies for the whole team 1500 XP 0 Credit icon.png
Segment Four
11 Bounty Hunter Deal 25% more damage to special zombies 1500 XP 250 Credit icon.png
12 Wheatgrass Health increased by 25% 1500 XP 250 Credit icon.png
13 Walk Softly Start with a S890 shotgun 1500 XP 250 Credit icon.png
Segment Five
14 Tooled Up Increase Claymore capacity to 4 and C4 capacity to 3 1500 XP 250 Credit icon.png
15 Pickpocket Killing 15 zombies in rapid succession refills one equipment charge (cooldown 60 seconds) 1750 XP 350 Credit icon.png
16 I’ll Take That Killing a special zombie restores one equipment charge (cooldown 60 seconds) 1750 XP 350 Credit icon.png
Segment Six
17 Free Refill I Restores 1% of primary weapon ammo for each kill made with equipment 1750 XP 350 Credit icon.png
18 Free Refill II Each kill made with equipment restores 1 rounds [sic] to your primary weapon magazine 1750 XP 350 Credit icon.png
19 Third Hand Killing 15 zombies in rapid succession instantly reloads your primary weapon 1750 XP 350 Credit icon.png
20 Hollywood Explosive and fire damage dealt to yourself and your teammates reduced by 30% 2000 XP 0 Credit icon.png
Segment Seven
21 Scorched Earth Claymore and C4 explosions will set the nearby area on fire 2000 XP 500 Credit icon.png
22 Deep Pockets Carried ammo capacity for heavy weapon increased by 35% 2000 XP 500 Credit icon.png
23 Hole Punch Shotgun range increased by 50% 2000 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Segment Eight
24 Senjata Start with a Senjata PDW in your secondary weapon slot 2000 XP 500 Credit icon.png
25 Thumper Start with a Thumper GL in your secondary weapon slot 2500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
26 Heavy Rain Start with improved Hailstorm MGL that does 50% more damage, and has 50% more ammo. All Hailstorm MGL pickups for you also improved 2500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Segment Nine
27 Knock Knock Start with a Breaching Charge 2500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
28 Job Satisfaction Killing 15 zombies in rapid succession grants a temporary health boost 2500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
29 Predator Killing special zombies boosts firearm damage by 50% for 10 seconds 2500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
30 Technician C4, Claymore Landmines and MGL can kill 25% more targets 3500 XP 0 Credit icon.png

Prestige Rank Perks[edit | edit source]

Rank Level Perk Description Cost
1 Throwing Arm II Throw distance of a C4 increased by 25% 7500 Credit icon.png
2 Sleight of Hand Switch weapons 25% faster 7500 Credit icon.png
3 Directed Blast II Your explosives can kill 10% more targets 7500 Credit icon.png
4 Thumper II Carried ammo capacity for Thumper GL increased by 1 7500 Credit icon.png

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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