Daniel firing a rocket from a heavy weapon at a swarm

Heavy weapons are powerful weapons in World War Z.

Using heavy weapons are almost necessary for dealing with the hundreds of zekes your team will encounter. They also help turn the tides when used against enemy survivors.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Heavy weapons are special weapons that survivors can possess in their inventory, reserved in the third weapon slot. Heavy weapons will stick onto the survivors' backpack when not in use.

Heavy weapons are not intended to be reloaded and their carried ammo capacity is limited. When a heavy weapon runs out of ammo, it is discarded. As there is no way to replenish heavy weapon ammo, they must be replaced entirely.

Upon switching to the heavy weapon, the survivor will yell out a unique response to announce that they are about to use it.

Co-op Campaign[edit | edit source]

In every game mode in Co-op Campaign, heavy weapons can be found throughout the map.

Heavy weapons deal huge amounts of damage, making them ideal for taking on large waves of zekes. All heavy weapons are inherently designed to deliver crowd controlling bursts of damage as they are more effective when used against large gatherings of enemies rather than a few lone stragglers, though a few exceptions exist.

Some class perks can allow you to start off with an improved version of a specific heavy weapon with even greater damage and more ammo. Additionally, all pickups of that specific heavy weapon are improved for the entire game, heavily incentivizing you to choose that specific heavy weapon over others.

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

In every game mode in Multiplayer, heavy weapons function identically to how they work in Co-op. However, the way players get them in their hands is different.

In Multiplayer, heavy weapons are treated as a player's ultimate ability and recharge over time as opposed to being found somewhere in the map. The power of heavy weapons can easily shift a firefight in your favor if used in the right place at the right time. Once the weapon is ready, players will have a limited time after equipping it, forcing them to use it up before the timer expires and the weapon is thrown away regardless of how much ammo was left or if it was even used at all. Switching out of the heavy weapon will also cause you to throw it away.

Heavy weapons sometimes spawn in the form of a crate on a designated spot around the map. Walking up to this crate will instantly recharge your heavy weapon.

Some heavy weapons have much less ammunition compared to their Co-op counterparts. Additionally, not all heavy weapons appear in Multiplayer.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Payload Rifle (BF25)[edit | edit source]

Payload Rifle icon

The Payload Rifle is an semi-automatic anti-material rifle. It is an explosive-based weapon that fires high-velocity grenade rounds that explode on impact. By default, the Payload Rifle is loaded with six grenade rounds, each being capable of killing 10 enemies max. The weapon is outfitted with a zoom-in scope like the one on the Sniper Rifle.

Used by:

RPG Launcher (RPGL4)[edit | edit source]

RPG Launcher icon

The RPG Launcher is a shoulder-launched missile weapon. It is an explosive-based weapon that fires an anti-tank warhead. By default, the RPG Launcher is loaded with one rocket that can kill 60 enemies max.

Used by:

Machinegun (MAG5)[edit | edit source]

Machinegun icon

The Machinegun is a fully-automatic belt-fed firearm. It is a bullet-based weapon that is capable of firing a constant stream of explosive bullets. The Machinegun is loaded with 100 rounds by default. The weapon has a unique mechanic where the user crouches and remains stationary when aiming down sights.

Used by:

MGL (Hailstorm MGL)[edit | edit source]

MGL icon

The MGL is a semi-automatic multi-round grenade launcher. It is an explosive-based weapon that fires low-velocity grenade rounds that detonate shortly after contact. By default, the MGL is loaded with 8 grenade rounds, each being capable of killing 14 enemies max.

Used by:

Heavy Assault Shotgun (Taiga-12)[edit | edit source]

Heavy Assault Shotgun icon

The Heavy Assault Shotgun is a fully-automatic drum-fed firearm. It is a shell-based weapon that is capable of rapidly firing shotgun shells. The Heavy Assault Shotgun is loaded with 50 shells by default.

Used by:

Chainsaw (SchreiTech Forest Warrior)[edit | edit source]

Chainsaw icon

The Chainsaw is a mechanical, fuel-powered saw. It is a melee-based weapon that utilizes the rotating saw blade to cut and tear through anything closeby. The Chainsaw is filled with 100 points of fuel by default. This weapon is the only weapon that does not fire any sort of projectile, limiting it to only very-close range. It also is capable of pushing away nearby zekes.

Flamethrower (Flamethrower)[edit | edit source]

Flamethrower icon

The Flamethrower is a portable incendiary weapon. It is an fire-based weapon that fires a steady stream of flames in a short narrow cone. The Flamethrower is filled with 150 points of fuel by default. The weapon's flames pass through zekes, allowing it to hit multiple targets caught within the fire stream.

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