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For those who skip the questions and shoot first, the Gunslinger is loaded with an arsenal of weapon damage and ammo-boosting perks to mow down the dead.

"Post-apocalyptic soldier with a flair for firearms" ― Gunslinger class description
The Gunslinger is one of six playable classes for Co-op Campaign in World War Z.

Overview Edit

The Gunslinger is a class that puts a lot of significance on combat using any and all firearms at their disposal.

Many of the Gunslinger's perks focus on their guns. However, this leaves very few perks that can be active to strengthen the character themself. Choosing the Gunslinger largely requires you to commit to whatever rifle, handgun, or piece you currently have equipped and use it to its fullest potential to kill any and all zekes in an efficient and effective manner.

The Gunslinger's starting core perk grants two passive buffs. The first keeps weapon accuracy steady whether its wielder is moving or not. The second partially reduces the recoil effect of the gun. These buffs help improve the Gunslinger's aim when firing to make more bullets land on their targets.

The equipment of choice for the Gunslinger is the Frag Grenade. This explosive tool is meant to thin out a crowd of zombies quickly, giving the Gunslinger a decently powerful crowd control option for when the situation may deem it necessary when their gun is just not enough.

Perks ListEdit

Regular & Core Perks Edit

Level Perk Description XP Required Unlock Cost
Gimme a Reason Start with Frag Grenade and Compact SMG. Movement has no effect on weapon accuracy, recoil effect also reduced 0 XP 0 Credit icon
Segment One
1 Fire in the Hole Frag Grenade can kill 25% more targets (base: 14) 0 XP Credit icon
2 Impact Grenades Frag Grenades explode on impact 1250 XP 150 Credit icon
3 Power Nap Unequipped weapon automatically reloads after 10 seconds 1250 XP 150 Credit icon
Segment Two
4 Swapping Mags! Reload speed increased by 25% on all weapons 1250 XP 150 Credit icon
5 Front Line Supply Headshots made with primary or secondary weapons automatically restore 5% rounds to the magazine 1250 XP 150 Credit icon
6 Adrenaline Reloading a weapon with less than 25% ammo in the magazine provides a 50% reload speed boost for 5 seconds 1250 XP 150 Credit icon
Segment Three
7 Heavy Metal Start with improved MAG5 Machinegun that deals 25% more damage, and has 25% more ammo. All MAG5 machinegun pickups also improved 1250 XP 150 Credit icon
8 Gunner Start with Sporting Carbine PAC-15 1250 XP 150 Credit icon
9 This is My Rifle Start with ARK-103 Assault Rifle 1250 XP 150 Credit icon
10 Seek and Destroy All active special zombies within a radius of 20 meters will be automatically marked 1500 XP 0 Credit icon
Segment Four
11 Bounty Hunter Deals 25% more damage to special zombies 1500 XP 250 Credit icon
12 Wheatgrass Health increased by 25% 1500 XP 250 Credit icon
13 Sleight of Hand Switch weapons 100% faster 1500 XP 250 Credit icon
Segment Five
14 Gun Fanatic Draining primary and secondary weapons' magazines automatically reloads primary weapon 1500 XP 250 Credit icon
15 Last Resort While both primary and secondary magazines are dry you can do 4 more melee strikes without fatigue and damage 2 more targets with each melee strike 1750 XP 350 Credit icon
16 Rage Mode When pinned down you will automatically rise up and push your attackers back (does not affect special zombies) 1750 XP 350 Credit icon
Segment Six
17 Welcoming Committee Stationary machinegun ammo increased by 25% for all teammates 1750 XP 350 Credit icon
18 S890 Shorty Start with a S890 Shorty in your secondary weapon slot 1750 XP 350 Credit icon
19 Senjata Start with a Senjata PDW in your secondary weapon slot 1750 XP 350 Credit icon
20 My Bad Deal 50% less friendly fire damage to your teammates 2000 XP 0 Credit icon
Segment Seven
21 Deep Pockets Carried ammo capacity for primary and secondary weapons increased by 25% 2000 XP 500 Credit icon
22 Desperado Pistol damage increased by 50% 2000 XP 500 Credit icon
23 Free Refill Restore 2% of primary weapon ammo for each kill made with equipment 2000 XP 500 Credit icon
Segment Eight
24 Work Belt Max number of Frag Grenades increased to 3 2000 XP 500 Credit icon
25 Pickpocket Killing 15 zombies in rapid succession gives 100% chance to refill one equipment charge (cooldown 60 seconds) 2500 XP 500 Credit icon
26 Eagle Eye 50% chance to refill one Frag Grenade by killing special zombies with a headshot 2500 XP 500 Credit icon
Segment Nine
27 Annihilator Primary, secondary and heavy weapons deal 15% more damage. 2500 XP 500 Credit icon
28 Switcheroo Switching to primary or secondary weapons increases firearm damage by 50% for 3 seconds 2500 XP 500 Credit icon
29 Thrifty Reloading a weapon with less than 25% ammo in the magazine provides a 35% firearms damage boost for 5 seconds 2500 XP 500 Credit icon
30 War Face Killing 25 zombies in rapid succession grants 50% firearm damage boost to entire team for 20 seconds 3500 XP 0 Credit icon

Prestige Rank Perks Edit

Rank Level Perk Description Unlock Cost
1 Swapping Mags II Reload speed increased by 10% on primary weapons 7500 Credit icon
2 Swapping Mags III Reload speed increased by 15% on secondary weapons 7500 Credit icon
3 Deep Pockets II Carried ammo capacity for primary and secondary weapons increased by 10% 7500 Credit icon
4 Fire in The Hole II Frag Grenade can kill 20% more targets (base: 14) 7500 Credit icon


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