The Grenade Launcher, also known as the Thumper GL, is a Tier III secondary weapon in World War Z.

For classes in Co-op Campaign, the Hellraiser class can start with one, but only if a specific perk is activated.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Grenade Launcher is an explosive weapon. It fires grenade rounds that explode only on contact with a surface. Due to the low amount of carried ammo this weapon has, it can hardly be used as a secondary weapon in a traditional sense. Attempting to use it as such will prove short-lived and ineffective. Using it in a panic can potentially be dangerous for both you and nearby teammates since explosives deal high damage and can stumble or stun survivors if caught in the blast radius.

The Grenade Launcher can be used efficiently when used under the right circumstances. The weapon is great against zeke pyramids since the concentration of enemies an an area guarantees that each round delivers the maximum amount of kills. The weapon is also good against powerful special zombies, specifically the Bull and the Infector due to both having high high health and resistances.

The rounds from a Grenade Launcher fire at an angle that causes them to fall quickly as they travel. If firing from a distance, aim slightly upwards to compensate for the drop.

The Grenade Launcher is the only explosive secondary weapon in Tier III.

Unique Versions[edit | edit source]

Challenge Coins[edit | edit source]

A Challenge Coins version of the Grenade Launcher can be bought for 500 Challenge Coins after reaching level 2. This version comes with a unique perk.

The Challenge Coins Grenade Launcher's unique perk is called Incendiary Grenades.

Weapon Stats[edit | edit source]

Level Icon Power Accuracy Handling Fire
Magazine Carried
1 Grenade Launcher Lv 1 Icon.jpg 10 6 7 2 0 1 5
Unique Versions
Challenge Coins Grenade Launcher Icon.jpg 10 6 7 2 0 1 5

*The icon for the Challenge Coins version of the Grenade Launcher is exactly the same as the default one.

Weapon Experience Requirements[edit | edit source]

Level 2
200 XP

Design[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Default Grenade Launcher[edit | edit source]

Grenade Launcher (Unique Versions)[edit | edit source]

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