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The Flaregun is a Tier I secondary weapon in World War Z.

The Flaregun is a rare weapon pickup that can sometimes be found once during a chapter, but is guaranteed to appear towards the end of specific chapters.


The Flaregun is a unique weapon. As expected, it launches bright red flares. These flares attract zekes towards it after making contact with one of them or a surface. The flares stick to whatever it lands on and will remain there for short time until it explodes shortly after. The flares deal a lot of damage on contact and set the target on fire. The explosion will also do the same but in a small radius, catching multiple zekes on fire. The weapon is strong for being able to divert away incoming enemies and set them ablaze, including special zombies.

The Flaregun's ammo acts like mini explosions. Because of this, it is not a silent weapon and firing it in the vicinity of idle zombies will alert them and most likely a horde. Do not use the Flaregun if you are trying to remain stealthy.

There are two specific chapters where the Flaregun appears as part of the campaign. In both instances, they serve a similar role to call in for backup:

  • In Chapter 4 of New York, Dead In The Water, the Flaregun is used to signal the location for an airstrike on the swarm by military aircraft. Marking the location is crucial as the bombardment will clear large gatherings of zekes and save the survivors some trouble. The best locations to mark the swarm are typically near the fence as many zekes will bunch together in front of them while trying to climb over it. These powerful airstrikes do have drawbacks. After a strike, air support will be put on hold until it is ready to fire again. Flares that are shot too close to the hospital building will go ignored under the reason that the strikes can damage the building and hurt the civilians inside. It is also possible to get damaged by the explosions if you stand too close to where a flare was marked.
  • In Chapter 3 of Marseille, Last Bastion, the Flaregun will appear towards the very end of the final swarm on a small crate near a set of spiraling stone steps. Due to this, you will not get much of a chance to use it as a regular weapon. However, the swarm will not end until it is fired into the air to signal the missile strike and end the chapter, so do not waste any time shooting zekes with it and just fire it into the sky once it appears.

Weapon Stats

Level Icon Power Accuracy Handling Fire
Magazine Carried
1 Flaregun Icon.jpg N/A N/A N/A N/A 0 1 20


The Flaregun is mainly based on the 12-gauge launcher by Orion. The design of the Flaregun, from its breech-loading tube, its orange frame, and trigger guard, is largely reminiscent of the ones produced by Orion, whose specific and recognizable design is seen in most commercially available flare guns. However, the Flaregun's grip matches closest to that of the ones seen on Polish flare guns, with a noticeably bigger grip pin on the center and a lanyard loop at the bottom.

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