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The Fence is a defense system that can be used in World War Z.

The Fence stall large groups of zekes at a time, forcing them to form a pyramid to climb over it.


Unlike most defense system weapons, the Fence is purely defense. It has absolutely no offensive capabilities and makes up for it by being able to stall the most amount of zekes at a single time. However, if enough zekes are pushed against it, they will begin to climb on each other and start trickling over it. The more zekes there are pushing against the Fence, the quicker it will take to topple it down.

The Fence is one of the least used defense systems in all of the episode campaigns. It is more prominently used in Horde Mode. To use the Fence effectively, put it in areas that are in clear view of your team. You and your teammates can shoot the zekes and use explosives. The closely packed groups of zekes will ensure that each explosive kills the most amount of zekes possible and quickly thin out their numbers.

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