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Without equipment, every class would lose a key component of their role and/or identity

Equipment is an integral part of a class' kit in World War Z.

In Co-op Campaign, all classes have at least one type of equipment unique solely to them. In Multiplayer, all classes only have one choice of equipment that fit their general playstyle the most.


Equipment is an essential tool given to every class to compliment their role in a team. The function of the equipment provides a dynamic to how a class is played.

Refilling Equipment

Equipment is mainly refilled by collecting equipment bags.

In Co-op Campaign, collecting an equipment bag will replenish equipment charges back to the full capacity. It is recommended that you use up any remaining equipment before collecting one to maximize equipment use.

In Multiplayer, taking an equipment bag will only recharge your equipment by 25%, meaning that with bags alone, four of them would need to be collected to gain one equipment charge. Unlike in Co-op Campaign, players simply need to walk over an equipment bag to collect it.

In both Co-op Campaign and Multiplayer, classes possess perks that allow them to gain equipment charges or instant recharge boosts with specific kill requirements and/or increase the maximum capacity of equipment carried. Some perks are available to Co-op Campaign classes that restrict the collection of equipment bags in exchange for constantly regenerating equipment.

Co-op Campaign

In every game mode in Co-op Campaign, effective use of equipment is vital for success.

The strength that equipment have could be the difference between a bunch of dead zekes and a strong team, or being mercilessly picked off one by one during a swarm. All equipment has a time and place to stretch their potential to the fullest. Having at least a single equipment charge is important, which is why players always start with one when starting a game or respawning.

Some class perks can expand the utility of an equipment to improve their function and provide additional effects to help the team even more.


In every game mode in Multiplayer, equipment functions largely the same as they do in Co-op. However, the way players get them in their hands is different.

In Multiplayer, players can only carry one equipment charge by default, and it slowly recharges over time. The utility of a class' equipment can give you a sizable advantage in a fight against enemy players, and that means you cannot take any single equipment charge for granted. Once an equipment charge is ready, players can save them for when the time is right.

Some equipment have their utility toned down compared to their Co-op counterparts. Equipment that is placed down will disappear when its owner is killed. Additionally, not every type of equipment appears in Multiplayer.


Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade icon

The Frag Grenade is an explosive equipment. When thrown, it will explode shortly after making contact with a surface. The explosion will deal massive damage in a small radius.

Used by:

Molotov Cocktail

Molotov Cocktail icon

The Molotov Cocktail is an incendiary explosive equipment. When thrown, it will shatter upon contact, splashing its burning content in a small area and leaving behind a fire pool that can set other zekes on fire. If it shatters midair, the fiery substance will fall and form a fire pool if it lands on the ground.

Used by:

Masking Gas Grenade

Masking Gas Grenade icon

The Masking Gas Grenade is a concealment equipment. When thrown, it will explode on contact with a surface. Survivors can walk into the smoke released it to render themselves temporarily invisible to the zekes.

Used by:


C4 icon

The C4 is a remotely-detonated explosive equipment. When thrown, it will stick onto the first surface it makes contact with. It will remain there until it is manually detonated. However, it can be detonated by being damaged such as being shot or being in range of another explosion.

Used by:

Claymore Mine

Claymore Mine icon

The Claymore Mine is a proximity-detonated explosive equipment. When used, a mine is placed on the ground. It will explode once an enemy passes its laser trigger, but it can be set off by being shot or being in range of another explosion. It is excellent for covering blind spots and serves well as a trap for flanking enemies.

Used by:

Supply Bag

Supply Bag icon

The Supply Bag is a weapon-buffing equipment. When used, an ammo container is placed on the ground for everyone to use. Collecting the contents will supply survivors with explosive ammo and a small amount of regular ammo to their primary weapon while also reloading it. A select few weapons cannot collect ammo from it. The explosive ammo provides a substantial damage boost that makes it easier to take down enemies.

Used by:

Stun Gun

Stun Gun icon

The Stun Gun is a stunning equipment. When fired, a blast of electricity is shot in front of the user, stunning a certain amount of enemies in range to a halt. Stunned enemies suffer damage over time and are left extremely vulnerable for a short period of time.

Used by:

Stim Pistol

Stim Pistol icon

The Stim Pistol is a health buffering equipment. When fired, a medicinal projectile is shot either directly into the user's arm or at a teammate's body. Anyone on the receiving end will receive a dose of temporary health that allows them to endure additional damage. Temporary health deteriorates slowly over time and any damage received will take away from the temporary health first before regular health.

Used by:


Quadrocopter icon

The Quadrocopter is a multi-functional escort equipment. When used, a drone will be deployed and follow the survivor around. The weapon mounted within it will provide cover fire for the survivor when an enemy is in range.

Used by:

Mobile Shield

File:Mobile Shield Icon.jpg

Mobile Shield icon

The Mobile Shield is a personal armor equipment. When used, an electrified arm shield will be deployed. It can be used to either protect its user from the front from most forms of damage while dealing lethal shock damage or be used to perform a shield charge and clear a path forward.

Used by:


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