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As the Dronemaster, command your Quadrocopter to follow you around, hold an area, or protect an ally, providing useful buffs!

"Set and forget flying firepower support unit" ― Dronemaster class description

The Dronemaster is one of eight playable classes for Co-op Campaign in World War Z. This class was added with the release of the Dronemaster Update.


The Dronemaster is a class escorted with their own personal firepower in a neat, flying package.

Practically all of the Dronemaster's perks were created to make their namesake tool more supportive, highly versatile, and even deadlier. This makes the Dronemaster a support fighter that provides additional firepower for himself and others with the launch of his special equipment. This also makes the Dronemaster heavily reliant on their equipment, debatably even more so than other classes do. Choosing the Dronemaster allows you to make the most out of your equipment. While you do use it for yourself most of the time, you should also consider using your technological marvels to help others once you have leveled up far enough to stretch your drones' utility to their fullest potential, enough to become something of an extra teammate for your group.

The Dronemaster's starting core perk doesn't grant any passive buff like the other classes. Instead, it determines what weapon his equipment is outfitted with by default and establishes its charge use parameters.

The equipment of choice for the Dronemaster is the Quadrocopter. This unmanned tool hovers around its user and provides cover fire for them with its built-in taser to stun any enemies that get a little too close. However, with a few upgrades, it can be equipped with a pistol instead and eventually be able to soar elsewhere be it hovering around another teammate or flying directly into zekes in an explosive manner.

Perks List

Regular & Core Perks

Level Perk Description XP Required Unlock Cost


Flying Start

Start with a Scout Rifle and Quadrocopter that will stun single zombies at short range. 12 shots per full charge but stunning a special zombie costs 5 shots 0 XP 0 Credit icon.png
Segment One
Go the distance.jpg

Go The Distance

Quadrocopter charge (the number of stun shots or kills the Quadrocopter can perform) is increased by 15% 0 XP Credit icon.png
Take a load off.jpg

Take a Load Off

Quadrocopter's charge increased by 30%, but you carry 20% less ammo for primary and secondary weapons 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png


Quadrocopter's attack range increased by 100% (base: 2 meters for stun gun, 15 meters for pistol) 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
Segment Two
Silent stinger.jpg

Silent Stinger

Your Quadrocopter will be equipped with a silenced pistol and will attack zombies in a 15 meter radius. 15 kills per full charge 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png


Your Quadrocopter will be equipped with an unsilenced pistol and will attack zombies in a 15 meter radius. Shot damage increased by 100%. 15 kills per full charge 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
Lightning storm.jpg

Lightning Storm

Your Quadrocopter's stun gun's fire rate is increased by 50% 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
Segment Three


Tapping "Use Equipment" button increases Quadrocopter's rate of fire by 100% for 6 seconds. It cannot be depleted during this time but will be depleted as soon as the effect is over 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
Well trained.jpg

Well Trained

Tapping "Use Equipment" button toggles active Quadrocopter between "follow" and "stationary" modes. Quadrocopter damage in stationary mode increased by 50% (applies to both stun gun and handgun versions) 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png
The Big Five 0.jpg

The Big Five 0

Start with improved BF25 Payload Rifle that deals 50% more damage and has 50% more ammo. All BF25 Payload Rifle pickups for you also improved [base: 6 ammo] 1250 XP 150 Credit icon.png


Active Quadrocopter will passively restore its charge by 1% per seconds after 5 seconds from its last shot 1500 XP 0 Credit icon.png
Segment Four
Burst pro.jpg

Burst Pro

Reload speed of firearms with burst fire mode increased by 25% 1500 XP 250 Credit icon.png


Health increased by 25% 1500 XP 250 Credit icon.png
Weapon of choice.jpg

Weapon of Choice

Start with Le Clairon Bullpup Rifle 1500 XP 250 Credit icon.png
Segment Five
Backup plan.jpg

Backup Plan

When you are grabbed, if you have no Quadrocopter following you but have one in your inventory, a Quadrocopter will automatically be launched (cooldown 180 seconds) 1500 XP 250 Credit icon.png
Parting gift.jpg

Parting Gift

Receive small amount of temporary health when the Quadrocopter is depleted (applies to the person it's following) 1750 XP 350 Credit icon.png
Saving grace.jpg

Saving Grace

If a player followed by a Quadrocopter is hit and about to be incapacitated, the Quadrocopter will grant a masking effect for 6 seconds (cooldown 180 seconds) 1750 XP 350 Credit icon.png
Segment Six
Pied piper.jpg

Pied Piper

Holding "Use Equipment" button commands Quadrocopter to fly to the point you're aiming at. After it reaches that point it will attract zombies for 5 seconds and will then be depleted 1750 XP 350 Credit icon.png
Sharing is caring.jpg

Sharing is Caring

Holding "Use Equipment" button commands Quadrocopter to follow a teammate you're aiming at. You must have a spare Quadrocopter and you can't have more than two Quadrocopters active at the same time 1750 XP 350 Credit icon.png
Coming in hot.jpg

Coming in Hot

Holding "Use Equipment" button commands Quadrocopter to fly to the point you're aiming at and explode there 1750 XP 350 Credit icon.png
Payload power-up.jpg

Payload Power-Up

Quadrocopter equipped with stun gun can hit 2 targets per shot (base: 1) Each target hit carries a charge cost. Quadrocopter equipped with pistol deals 50% more damage 2000 XP 0 Credit icon.png
Segment Seven


Quadrocopter automatically defuses enemy landmines and captures hostile automatic turrets in 10 meters radius 2000 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Keep it down.jpg

Keep It Down

Active Quadrocopter will automatically target the Screamer if he's not killed within 20 seconds after his first scream. Quadrocopter will be depleted after the Screamer is dead 2000 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Eye in the sky.jpg

Eye In The Sky

All active special zombies within a radius 14 meters around your Quadrocopter will be automatically marked 2000 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Segment Eight
Pocket factory.jpg

Pocket Factory

You won't be able to pick equipment bags on the mission but your equipment will be constantly regenerating (150 seconds to replenish to maximum) 2000 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Flight of fury.jpg

Flight of Fury

Killing 15 zombies in rapid succession restores one Quadrocopter to your inventory (cooldown 180 seconds) 2500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Special kill equipment restore.jpg

Special Prize

Killing a special zombie restores one Quadrocopter to your inventory (cooldown 180 seconds) 2500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Segment Nine


Automatically reload primary weapon on Quadrocopter launch 2500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Not on my watch.jpg

Not On My Watch

Friendly fire taken is decreased by 100% for person followed by your Quadrocopter 2500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Next best thing.jpg

Next Best Thing

Start with Geist 17MP machine pistol as secondary weapon 2500 XP 500 Credit icon.png
Out with a bang.jpg

Out With A Bang

Quadrocopter stuns up to 10 zombies in 5 meters radius when it is depleted (also applies for handgun version) 3500 XP 0 Credit icon.png

Prestige Rank perks

Rank Level Perk Description Unlock Cost
Ammo drop.jpg

Ammo Drop

Person being followed regains 10% of primary ammo when Quadrocopter is depleted 7500 Credit icon.png


Movement speed penalty when zombies are very close reduced by 50% for person followed by your Quadrocopter 7500 Credit icon.png


Firearm damage increased by 15% for person followed by your Quadrocopter 7500 Credit icon.png
Guardian angel.jpg

Guardian Angel

Person followed by your Quadrocopter will take 10% less damage 7500 Credit icon.png


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