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The Crossbow (Repeater X) is a tier III primary weapon featured in World War Z.


The Crossbow, or Repeater X, is a semi-auto weapon shooting explosive bolts.


The Crossbow is a unique tier III semi-auto weapon that is tied with the tier I shotgun for the slowest rate of fire. It makes up for this slow rate of fire, by having an explosive bolt. The bolt, after fired, will stick to the first thing it hits, glowing red for about two seconds before exploding, dealing a large amount of damage in a small area around it. This explosion can easily kill multiple zombies and even player characters. A direct hit on a player on Extreme difficulty will deal minimal damage on impact, and almost 90% of the player's health when it explodes.

The initial bolt sticking to a zombie will often (but not always) stagger the zombie.


  • In real life, it is almost impossible to make a magazine for crossbow because bolts are extremely thin and long compared to live ammo
  • Has almost the same pump mechanism as the shotgun. A crossbow cannot be cocked that way as it would require a tremendous force and the smooth grip isn't going to provide enough friction to cock it.
  • Explosive bolt is lilegal is most places and isn't commercially availible
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