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Look out for these marked boxes around the map and see what you get

Crates are marked military cases containing useful supplies in World War Z.

Unopened crates contain an item or two for the survivors to help them in a fight.


Crates can be found in both Co-op Campaign and Multiplayer. They are rectangular and have two orange lines with a stylistic "!" emblem in between them on the lid.

Co-op Campaign

When near a crate, a button must be held to open it. A crate can contain any one of the following when opened:

When opening a crate, multiple factors are taken into account when determining what item is found inside. If every survivor is in relative good health with plenty of weapons and equipment, the crate will only offer primary or secondary weapons. If someone is not carrying a heavy weapon, there is a good chance for a heavy weapon to be found inside. If everyone is low on health, it is highly likely that a Medkit will appear after opening.

Considering that the type of item found is determined by the current status of the team and what they already possess, it may be useful to refrain from opening one immediately if everyone is well stocked. Finding primary or secondary weapons in a crate will prove far less useful than something like a Medkit. For example, if you find a crate during an area where a swarm will be fought, hold off on opening it until after the swarm is eliminated. If your team ended up taking a lot of damage during the fight, opening it now will most likely have a Medkit for healing someone with. However, if you find a crate in the middle of your path to the next destination or during the final swarm of the chapter, open it up and hope you receive something good.

Keep in mind that only the unopened crates of a certain size can be opened. There are a variety of similar-looking crates with many shapes, sizes, and appearance, but they are simply a part of the environment and cannot be interacted with. Crates will be highlighted (except in extreme difficulty) to indicate that they can be opened.


During a round of Swarm Deathmatch, crates spawn periodically in one of the few predetermined locations around the map. Touching the crate will instantly recharge your heavy weapon. The announcer will alert both sides when one of these crates or "heavy weapon spawn" is about to appear on the map and when it does finally arrive for collection. The best time to collect one is right after using up your last heavy weapon. Once the heavy weapon is used up, walk over it and instantly refresh it for another go.