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The Compact SMG, also known as the Gal 9, is a Tier I primary weapon in World War Z.

For classes in Co-op Campaign, it is the default starting primary weapon of the Gunslinger, Medic, and Slasher. For classes in Multiplayer, the Survivor class can start with one, but only if a specific perk is activated.


The Compact SMG is a fully automatic weapon. Due to its firing mode, it delivers a stream of damage very quickly, but loses accuracy and power the further away the target is. Except for moments where spraying your gun would be appropriate, such as the large groups of zombies during swarm events, the best way to use the Compact SMG is by firing it in short bursts. This allows you to conserve ammo and reduce the recoil.

The suppressor upgrade to make the gun silent is unlocked very early at level 2.

The Compact SMG is the only fully automatic primary available in Tier I.

Unique Versions

Prestige Weapon

A Prestige version of the Compact SMG is automatically unlocked after purchasing Prestige rank 2 for the Medic. This version, like all Prestige weapons, comes with a unique perk and a fitting custom finish. It also has the suppressor upgrade. It can be equipped regardless of the Compact SMG's current level.

The Prestige Compact SMG's unique perk is called Snake Bite. This gives the weapon the fastest fire rate out of any weapon in both Tier I and Tier II. This also increases its damage output over time at the cost of more frequent reloads and quicker ammo consumption. The usefulness of the weapon's perk is somewhat questionable, but in the right hands, it can be devastating in the right situations. Controlled short bursts are still recommended as the faster fire rate will cause even greater recoil.

Signature Weapon (DLC)

A Compact SMG with a unique design and high stats was included as part of the DLC Signature Weapon Pack. This version of the Compact SMG can also be equipped regardless of the weapon's current level.

Weapon Stats

Level Icon Power Accuracy Handling Fire
Magazine Carried
1 Compact SMG Lv 1 Icon.jpg 3 5 6 7 0 32 224
2 Compact SMG Lv 2 Icon.jpg 4 5 7 7 0 32 224
3 Compact SMG Lv 3 Icon.jpg 4 6 7 7 0 48 288
4 Compact SMG Lv 4 Icon.jpg 5 8 8 7 1 48 288
5 Compact SMG Lv 5 Icon.jpg 5 8 8 7 1 48 288
Unique Versions
Prestige Prestige Compact SMG Icon.jpg 5 6 7 10 1 40 256
Signature Weapon Compact SMG Icon.jpg 5 8 8 7 1 48 288

Weapon Experience Requirements

Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
150 XP 250 XP 400 XP 550 XP


The Compact SMG is based on the Uzi. The weapon's actual name, the Gal 9, is based on its designer, Uziel Gal. The number nine in Gal 9 likely references the 9mm Parabellum rounds it fires. The weapon's metal folding stock remains folded by default.

As with all customizable weapons, subsequent versions include a multitude of accessories to visually represent its improved stats. Attachments on the Compact SMG include scopes, suppressors, magazine base pads, flashlight/laser combos, foregrips, and muzzle brakes. The metal folding stock is also unfolded from the second version onward.

The Prestige version of the Compact SMG is similar in appearance to the default version. However, it has the suppressor and the magazine base pads seen in the later upgrades. Despite the magazine base pad appearing the same as any other, it holds only half as many extra rounds compared to every other version available. The design of this version incorporates a green snake and a snake skin pattern. Some of the metal parts of the Compact SMG are discolored, appearing slightly rusted.

The Signature Weapon version of the Compact SMG is based on the fifth version. However, it has a suppressor instead of the muzzle brake, allowing it to stay silent while still dealing the same damage. The design of this version features a pink, white, and green design with green and black leaves, crossbones, and bullets. A knit panda scarf is wrapped around the folding stock.


  • The Signature Weapon version of the Compact SMG appears differently when viewing Bunko during her character select and menu animation. The weapon here is shown missing all of its attachments, those being the scope, suppressor, magazine base pad, and foregrip. The folding stock is also not unfolded, leaving out the knit panda scarf that would have been wrapped around there.


Default Compact SMG

Compact SMG

Compact SMG (Unique Versions)

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