The Compact SMG is a Tier I primary weapon featured in World War Z.

Overview Edit

The Compact SMG, or Gal 9, is a fully automatic submachine gun. It is the default starting weapon of the Gunslinger, Medic, and Slasher classes.

Design Edit

The Compact SMG is based on the IMI Uzi, an Israeli open-bolt submachine gun. The weapon model features a stamped sheet metal construction, with a 32-round magazine housed within the pistol grip, a charging handle on the top of the receiver cover, a grip safety fitted on the pistol grip, and a folded stock.

As the Compact SMG is upgraded, the folding stock is extended, and the weapon is improved with the optional additions of different accessories, such as weapon sights, laser aiming devices, suppressors, or a compensator, vertical foregrips, and an extended magazine.

Performance Edit

The Compact SMG is the only fully automatic weapon available in Tier I, except for the machine pistol which could be upgraded to full-auto. This gives it a higher rate of fire, with good handling, at the cost of lower accuracy and power.

The Compact SMG may be upgraded, with each improvement increasing its power, accuracy, handling, and penetration, as well as increasing its magazine size to 48.

Trivia Edit

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