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The Chainsaw is the only melee weapon in the game that can be picked up. It is obviously only effective at melee range but can take out multiple enemies with a single swing. It is probably gasoline-powered as the damage and swings or charges limited, the capacity can be increased will skill of certain classes.

By zooming in with the mini zoom (right-click on PC) you can continuously swing the chainsaw with relative quickness. When mini zooming without swinging, it creates a small but extremely powerful hitbox in front where the blade is as it revs up.


  • "Schrei" is a Germany language of "Cry", "Shout", or "Scream". However, as the name says in game, "SchreiTech" is a possible reference to Crytek, a video game developer company from German.
  • Oddly, most of the survivors still say out of "ammo" when the chainsaw runs out of gas, same case with Flamethrower.
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