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The C4

The C4 is equipment used by classes in World War Z.

The C4 is used by the Hellraiser class in Co-op Campaign, and the Demolisher class in Multiplayer.


The C4 is a remote-detonated explosive. This makes it the only explosive in the game that does not automatically explode on its own, giving the user a greater sense of control and timing for when it blows. (However, like all the explosives in the game, it will explode when hit with bullets.) This is especially important during zombie swarms, as it allows users to time their detonation to catch as many zekes as possible within its radius. Contrary to other throwing equipment, it does not have a line of trajectory when holding down the equipment button as that function is used to detonate the C4.

In the real world, C4 is an extremely stable explosive that can only be denoted with a blasting cap. In fact, the C4 is so stable that it won't explode even when lit on fire, stomped, or even shot with an rifle incendiary round.

When deployed, it will be highlighted in blue and will be marked with the C4 icon.


The C4 is based on the M112 demolition block, which is one of the most common forms for C-4 plastic explosives to take shape and be packaged in. Two pairs of blocks form the C4 equipment seen in-game, strapped together on opposite ends by black Velcro straps with sticky backs to allow it to cling onto virtually any surface. The detonator is strapped down to the blocks by black cable ties.

When manually detonated, a firing device is very briefly pulled out and used to remotely activate all thrown explosives.


  • Unlike real-world C-4, the C4 in-game is highly unstable as any damage ranging from a small puff of fire to a single gunshot can trigger the C4 into prematurely exploding.
  • Oddly, despite the LED display of the detonator being red, a blue light shines from the C4 when it is set in place. There is nothing on the C4 that appears to shine this light individually from the detonator. Because the color blue is used to represent friendly objects, the blue light is incorrectly shone on purpose for the sake of visual clarity for both the player who threw the equipment out and for their teammates.


  • The detonator on the C4 has "00:13:37" on the red LED display, a reference to leet or leetspeak.
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