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"So what happens, right, when the armored grunts turn armored zeke?" ― Stevie

The Bull is a special zombie in World War Z.

The Bull charges towards his victim at full speed, grabbing them up before pummeling them against the ground over and over until an ally intervenes to free them from his vice-like grip.

Physical Appearance

The Bull is a zeke dressed in urban camouflage clothing underneath a partially damaged police riot suit and a ballistic helmet with a slightly chipped face shield. The number 22 can be seen behind his helmet. A black hood covers his head and neck. His left riot glove is slightly torn, making it fingerless. A nightstick is securely holstered to his right hip by a belt loop.

The Bull's body armor, while mostly intact, has a few ripped areas. The left knee pad is missing and the clothing underneath has been torn off. His left shoulder pad is gone. The back of the Bull contains the bulk of the damage done to his armor as a sizable portion of his vest that protects his back and some of the clothing underneath has been torn up. This area also reveals that the skin and flesh surrounding his vertebrae have been torn open, exposing his spinal column.

The Bull is missing a few teeth, likely knocked loose due to previous crashes and collisions as a consequence of his violent ability.

The Bull is easily the biggest and tallest enemy in the game, towering over both survivors and regular zekes by about a head when seen side by side.

Abilities & Behavior

The Bull is an aggressive and relentless zeke. While all zekes are aggressive and relentless in general, the Bull proves himself to push those attributes further beyond that of the average zeke. The behavior that perfectly encapsulates the Bull's accentuated antagonism is best seen and heard when he uses his frighteningly fierce ability. Befitting of his nickname, the Bull can be heard snorting, huffing, and breathing very deeply and heavily.

The Bull has the ability to charge at survivors. When the Bull has chosen his victim and is ready to go, he will stamp his foot and slam his fists together on the ground while roaring. He then goes into a mad dash towards his target, stomping loudly all the way throughout. Should he manage to reach his target, he briefly pulls them up from the ground by the chest with his right hand before smashing them against the floor repeatedly while they are helpless to defend themselves.

The Bull is not afraid to rush directly into a firefight, single out a target, and mercilessly drive them into the ground. His natural toughness combined with his riot armor makes him one of the most fearless, difficult, and ruthless special zombies to take down.

Strategy & Tactics

"The Bull is a mighty beast. If he charges, you better run. He's weaker in the back so try to make your shots count." Tutorial Tips


The Bull acts as a pinning enemy, holding a survivor down with the intent to kill without letting them fight back. He will run towards the survivors at a blistering speed, grabbing them with a single hand before crushing them into the ground until they are down.


  • Work together. The Bull can be a difficult zeke to put down and may require everyone alive to work together to kill. While a Bull can certainly be killed by just a single person, your odds against him are simply greater when others are around to help. A collaborative effort with other survivors can swiftly eliminate a Bull with little to no damage taken.
  • Never stray too far from your teammates. It is made extremely clear that players that try to do things by themselves will only land in a tight spot that they may not be prepared to face on their own. Having others around, even just one other survivor, might be your only chance of being freed should you managed to be grabbed by him. In higher difficulties, a Bull will be able to incapacitate a survivor in no time flat, making their crushing charges even more unforgiving. Never find yourself alone when up against a raging Bull.
  • Listen carefully. When the Bull spawns in, he'll make a loud roaring sound. In battle, the Bull makes distinct growling noises while chasing players. The Bull gets significantly noisier when he is ready to charge. Prepare yourself if you hear a few thumping sounds and a bellowing roar, but especially once you hear the sounds of loud, heavy, and quickly-approaching stomping.
  • Watch your fire. The Bull has a lot of health so its important to either unload your best weapons against him or carefully fire at his weak spots. Be careful when shooting at a Bull that has a grip on a survivor. Friendly fire is less forgiving as the difficulty levels increase so while you should always act quickly, control your shots or you may accidentally incapacitate (and even kill) your own teammate in the process of saving them. The same general principle also applies to explosives which can easily do as much, if not more, damage if it lands extremely close to a survivor. Due to this, explosives are ill-advised for saving pinned survivors.
  • Watch out for a little notification sign. It is the same one that appears when someone is incapacitated except the white circle will not drain counterclockwise. When it appears, it will lead toward the direction where the pinned survivor is located. The pinned survivor will also be outlined in yellow. Distressed audio cues should also notify others that someone is currently being pinned by a Bull.
  • Always mark your targets. As with all special zombies, marking lets players know where a particular threatening zeke is and/or where it is about to go. The red outline can be seen through obstacles and is hard to miss, so press the key that marks them and make their appearance even less of a surprise. A Bull that pins a survivor down will automatically mark both himself and his victim in yellow to others. If you are pinned, only the Bull will be marked yellow. The Bull is a very tough opponent that should generally be prioritized first whenever he appears.
  • Be aware of alternate routes. Most special zombies prefer to arrive through paths and areas that are less common than the ones where many zekes congregate towards. Be mindful of your surroundings, watch your back, and keep note of any uncommon spots where special zombies may appear from.
  • Communicate. If you have a microphone, use it. Coordinate with others to take down an incoming Bull. If you are pinned, call for them to help. Keep in mind that this, as well as team chat, only works across PC players only. Players of the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game cannot communicate across different platforms. Groups containing players from different consoles will require third-party communication tools to communicate with each other.
  • Protect NPCs. Non-playable characters such as soldiers or escort characters can be at risk of being pinned down by a Bull should they happen to be in his path while charging towards one of the survivors or after missing them. Should they be pinned, shoot the offending Bull off and free them. While escorts such as Greengold or Svetlana should never go ignored, you are given less of a burden to save soldiers as their survival is ultimately not critical in order to progress forward. Despite this, if it can be helped, you should make an effort to kill any Bulls that have managed to grab a soldier since they do provide some additional damage during swarm scenarios.


  • The Bull is considered one of the toughest special zombies you can face. He is extremely well protected, covered head to toe in riot gear that is resistant to both bullets and melee. His head is protected by a ballistic riot helmet with a face shield that protects him from normally deadly headshots. He is also very strong in his own right, being able to withstand a lot more damage from most sources than normal zekes and even most special zombies can tolerate. All of this protection does not hinder his mobility in anyway.
    • However, he also possesses a notable weak spot. The crack in the Bull's armor is located on his back. Shooting directly at the exposed portion will deal increased damage, which can easily kill a Bull with far fewer hits compared to the rest of his body. If you are facing the front of the Bull but his back can be seen, shooting it will not deal more damage. Shooting the Bull in the back won't actually work unless you are actually behind him. In addition, not all of his back is a weak point. Be sure to aim for the actual exposed portion which is mostly to the left side.
    • To a much lesser degree, the Bull's head is also a weak point. Unlike the helmet itself, the visor on the front can be destroyed with enough gunfire. Focus enough shots on it and it will break off, exposing the Bull's face for a quick kill headshot. You may need more than one shot to the head to kill the Bull due to his natural bulky health allowing him to take multiple shots to the face.
    • Although his left knee appears exposed, shooting it does not deal any more damage than anywhere else on his armored body. Do not try to target his legs and focus on his other weak spots.
  • The charge is the Bull's signature ability. If he has chosen his target, they will only have a brief moment to get ready before the Bull breaks off into a full sprint, instantly moving about twice as fast as a sprinting survivor. If the Bull successfully reaches his target, he will lift them up briefly before slamming them on their back over and over against the ground. It should be noted that survivors still take constant damage in the brief moment they are lifted off the ground, not just while they are being beaten to a pulp.
    • Before charging, the Bull will always make some loud thumping noises with his foot and hands before roaring loudly. This serves as a warning cue for when he is about to rush. If you are not the one being targeted, prepare to kill the Bull after he is done charging and help anyone that gets grabbed.
    • The Bull always keeps eye contact with their chosen target. If you look closely, a Bull will slowly turn to face his target as they try to move around. Moving to the sides while a Bull prepares to charge is a great way to tell if he has decided to become hostile towards you.
    • Do not think that the Bull will stop for any zekes standing in his way. If they are in front of him while he charges, they will be pushed aside.
  • If the Bull cannot reach their target, he will likely run into a wall or other environmental obstacles. He will stumble backward a bit for a moment after the impact before continuing to chase the survivors once again. Take advantage of him while he is vulnerable after his crash and shoot at either of his weak points before he manages to recover.
    • Though it tends to happen less often, if the Bull charges for too long without grabbing anyone and without hitting any obstacles in his path, he will eventually stop on his own. After stopping, he will become confused and look around for the survivors he missed, leaving himself vulnerable for a few short seconds afterward.
  • The Bull does not charge in one straight, predictable line unless his target is standing still. The Bull is capable of steering himself while charging. The Bull's movement can be surprisingly fluid, catching players who believe they manage to get out of the way completely off-guard by scraping along the edge of walls and obstacles to guide his turn. This allows him to sometimes catch survivors that try to hide around a bending corner.

    A Bull can be seen about to charge at a fleeing Bunko, only for him to turn around a corner perfectly off-screen, catch her mid-fall, drag her to the lower floor, and swiftly crush her flatter than a pancake

    • When dodging a Bull, make an effort to keep your sights on him as much as you can as he approaches you. You may find it easier to avoid his charge while keeping him in your line of sight since you will be able to better track his movement. Attempting to dodge him without looking in his direction, while still very much possible, may not be as effective since you cannot see where he is going. Without enough experience, miscalculating the distance you run, or just being plain unlucky, you could be caught by surprise when he somehow manages to grab you.
  • When the Bull grabs a survivor, he will continue to walk a bit forward before coming to a full halt. If the Bull manages to grab someone in an area where survivors can fall off to more quickly reach a lower area, he might bring them down and have them pinned there. A charging Bull may also grab a survivor as they fall off the ledge if they don't fall down enough to avoid him. This can be an issue since other survivors may not have an immediate clear sight of the pinned survivor and the Bull, potentially resulting in longer rescue time and greater likelihood of incapacitation/death.
    • However, if he misses his target, the Bull may end up charging off the ledge and away from you. This will likely end up putting a lot of distance between the Bull and the survivors, giving you time to catch your breath and even take the opportunity to shoot at his back. Whether the Bull runs off a great height or into a large body of water, they won't affect him in any way since the Bull, very oddly, maintains the same running momentum through air and water as he does on the ground. The only thing that can stop his charge sooner once he runs himself off a ledge is by crashing into something along the way.
  • There are a few ways to effectively dodge the Bull while he is charging towards you.
    1. One method is by sprinting in a circular motion. Also known as circle-strafing, this method involves sprinting in a direction facing the Bull and going around him as he charges towards you. You may find it easier to do in areas with more open space.
    2. Another method is to get behind a solid obstacle or hop over a window. Going over an obstacle that you can climb over or vaulting through a window over a small wall is an easy way to avoid a Bull charge since he will simply crash into it chasing you, allowing you to take advantage of his stunned state after the collision. Be careful as some obstacles that look like they need to be climbed over can simply be walked over normally by both the Bull and the survivors.
  • The Bull has more powerful swipe attacks. Compared to regular zekes and all other special zombies, the Bull's regular attack deals almost half more damage. While this difference is somewhat difficult to notice in lower difficulties, it is more obvious in higher ones. As usual, when playing in higher difficulty levels, a few hits can easily cause incapacitation or death, and the Bull can technically kill you faster if he is in arm's reach and currently not using his charge attack. Although survivors should already be trying to keep their distance from Bulls, this is yet another reason from getting too close.
  • In higher difficulties, the Bull tends to appear alongside others of his kind. It is possible to encounter two Bulls arriving at the same time. Be very careful as the two Bulls can charge one after another, forcing you to act even quicker to avoid both of them. Their combined strength could potentially make them extremely difficult to take care of by yourself, much less if there are zekes abound as well.
  • The Bull will shrug off any attacks while charging. Trying to shoot the Bull as he's charging towards you is rarely a good idea unless you fire something powerful enough to outright kill him mid-charge. In almost all cases, you should focus more on getting out of the way instead.
  • Meleeing a Bull is not particularly effective. Attacking the Bull with melee strikes does not do a lot of damage thanks to his armor. On top of that, the Bull cannot be pushed around with regular melee attacks unlike other zekes and special zombies. Thanks to his high health, it takes many hits before a Bull is killed with melee alone. Having all your teammates ganging up on a Bull and striking him repeatedly with all their melee weapons could work, but this would be more suited for when a Bull manages to grab someone and you do not want to risk friendly fire. Even then however, there are more efficient ways to help a pinned teammate. Remember that the weak spot on his back can still be targeted by melee attacks. Simply being behind him when attacking is enough to target it and he will take more damage from melee attacks. Striking the Bull's back will sound different as well to indicate that it is being hit.
  • The Flaregun can stop a Bull from charging. When firing a flare near or directly at the Bull, he will become distracted and likely set on fire. This works while he is charging towards a survivor as well. Shooting the Bull with a flare will cause him to stop. Firing one on the floor will also produce the same effect. However, it has to land near him for it to work, or else he will simply continue to charge without noticing it.
  • Survivors that get in the way of a Bull's intended target may become the new target. Bulls always choose their target beforehand and keep to maintain eye contact in their direction. Despite this, it is possible for someone unfortunate enough to get in the way between the two to end up as the newly chosen target. Bulls are not picky about who they grab, so they will immediately begin to smash their victim regardless if it was who they intended to attack or not. If you happen to be "saved" from a charge by your unlucky teammate, react quickly to dispatch the Bull off of them.
  • Use heavy weapons. Heavy weapons, while mostly intended for zeke swarms, can also be used against tough enemies. Given the amount of protection the Bull possesses, heavy weapons can easily render it less effective given how much damage heavy weapons can cause. If it can be spared, unload some of your heavy weapon ammo onto the Bull. Using each heavy weapon effectively allows you to maximize damage and successfully kill the Bull with efficiency.
    • The Payload Rifle is very well suited to be used against the Bull given its somewhat lackluster crowd control capabilities. Focusing its explosive firepower on the Bull instead is highly recommended as a direct hit or two can easily kill him. The Payload Rifle's scope also makes it perfect for killing a Bull from a distance and with accuracy.
    • The RPG Launcher is an extremely powerful heavy weapon to use against the Bull. Firing it directly at or very close to him should produce some devastating results. It is best to use it from a safe distance to avoid friendly fire as well as accidentally hurting yourself. Despite how powerful this weapon is and how it is guaranteed to kill the Bull, it would be best to only use it against him as a last resort or if he arrives with others, especially another Bull.
    • The Machinegun can deliver a constant stream of explosive ammo towards a Bull from a distance, constantly tripping him up and prevent him from getting a chance to charge. However, if he is ready to charge, the ammo will do little to stop him as he will absolutely plow through it. Unless you suspect he is extremely low on health, stop firing and get out of the way or else he will grab you. If you want to preserve Machinegun ammo, wait until he exposes his back then simply fire a few shots into his back.
    • The MGL, while powerful, can be difficult to directly attack the Bull without a bit of practice. Very few grenades are needed to kill the Bull. However, the grenades bounce and are on a timer, so you must carefully shoot it at the floor to ensure they roll near him. Be careful not to shoot the grenades on the floor too close to yourself or they may explode very close to you and cause self-damage.
    • The Heavy Assault Shotgun is excellent to use while fighting the Bull due to its high damage output and fast fire rate. It is effective at shattering the Bull's bulletproof face shield and leaving him vulnerable to a high-powered headshot. When shot into his back, a few close-range hits will quickly take him down. Against the body, a few hits can easily knock him down, and continued firing will keep him from getting up. However, much like the Machinegun, the fired rounds cannot stop him once he is charging.
    • The Chainsaw comes with risks when using one directly against the Bull. Given the fact it is a chainsaw, i.e., a melee weapon, the wielder must get very close to the Bull to do any damage. This can be dangerous while at low health, while surrounded by a bunch of zekes from multiple directions, or both. In higher difficulties, this becomes especially dangerous since it takes fewer hits to incapacitate survivors. However, the Chainsaw is the only melee weapon that is capable of pushing the Bull so head-on confrontation is still possible if you can keep stumbling him without giving him a chance to get up. The Chainsaw is also great to use after successfully dodging the Bull's charge. If you can avoid his signature move and get him to hit a wall, he will be left vulnerable for an easy slash across his back afterward.
    • The Flamethrower burns the Bull extremely well done by applying a constant stream of fire. The high damage of the flames will quickly kill a Bull, but if let to roast slowly, the afterburn will eventually kill him as well.
  • Use explosives. As some of the heavy weapons have demonstrated, explosives are a great tool to use against a Bull. Depending on the chosen class, the equipment you are provided with is high damaging explosives. If it can be spared, use them against the Bull to cause some serious pain and either greatly debilitate or kill him.

A Bull can be seen running into two sets of Barbed Wire to reach Tatsuo, but only the second set (the one that is placed on stands) manages to stop him

  • The Bull cannot be stopped by Barbed Wire. He will consistently be able to climb over it. Do not expect it to do much against the Bull apart from briefly slowing him down as he climbs over it. On top of being able to climb over Barbed Wire, he can charge right through it. However, this is only true if the Barbed Wire is the version without the stands. The Barbed Wire with the stands is capable of stopping a charging Bull.
  • The Bull can drain a High Voltage Grid dry. As stated, the Bull can absorb a lot of damage that would normally kill others. While he can be stunned by a High Voltage Grid, the Bull will end up using a lot of power from it if he is not taking damage from other sources. The Bull's high health will most likely end up saving him from electrocution while draining the grid of its power. If you catch a Bull getting fried, take the opportunity to target his weak spots and kill him to prevent him from using up any further power from the grid.
  • Standing on a High Voltage Grid can save you from a Bull. While very uncommon, if you happen to be grabbed while you are currently standing on a powered High Voltage Grid that was placed on the floor, it can stun the Bull off of you. Again, kill the Bull soon afterward to prevent him from draining all the electric power. You can also use the grids to prevent a Bull from reaching you in the first place by getting behind one and letting him charge into it. Be careful as there is a possibility of him skirting around the edges of the grid or running through it if enough zekes are already standing on it.
  • Rarely, a Bull can be killed by you at the exact same time he manages to grab you. This is assuming he has taken a lot of damage already and simply needed to be struck the final blow. Consider yourself fortunate if you manage to pull this off since you will not take damage from being grabbed.
    • The moment a Bull grabs on you, there is a very small delay for when he starts to deal damage. Even if you do not manage to kill the Bull off, your teammates can. If they act lightning-quick, they can prevent him from dealing damage the moment he grabs you.
    • However, it should be noted that the very moment the Bull's grabs someone still technically counts as a "hit." This technicality only comes into play when a survivor happens to be carrying a Virus Sample. If their sample has been heavily damaged already, it is possible for the non-damaging hit of the Bull grabbing them to damage it and cause infection.
  • Being killed by the Bull can either turn a survivor on death or simply kill them without reanimating. Due to the Bull's overly-aggressive method of attack, it's possible for a survivor to die from blunt force trauma as opposed to infection. When a survivor is incapacitated by a Bull's charge and is not revived, they will die and not return as a zeke. However, when a survivor is killed by a Bull's charge, they will become a zeke.



  • The Gunslinger starts with a core perk called Gimme a Reason. This perk starts you off with the Frag Grenade. Simple but effective, throw it carefully at a Bull to deal major damage.
  • At level 7, the Gunslinger can unlock a perk called Heavy Metal. This perk starts you off with an improved Machinegun with better damage and more ammo. Any and all Machineguns that you pick up throughout the game are also improved with the same benefits.
  • At level 10, the Gunslinger unlocks a core perk called Seek and Destroy. This perk's utility gives all teammates an advantage on any special zombies that come within range. Given how dangerous the Bull can be, marking him is especially important to do.
  • At level 11, the Gunslinger can unlock a perk called Bounty Hunter. This perk's utility expands across every special zombie in the game. Given how much damage the Bull is capable of soaking up, this perk is substantially helpful when fighting against him.
  • At level 16, the Gunslinger can unlock a perk called Judo. This perk allows you to automatically free yourself from a Bull if he has you pinned. The only downside to this perk is that it has a three-minute cooldown so do your best not to get pinned again for some time afterward.
  • At Level 20, the Gunslinger unlocks a core perk called My Bad. This perk alleviates half the damage done to teammates you accidentally shoot, making friendly fire less punishing. While you should never shoot at a teammate, accidents happen, especially when it comes to saving a pinned survivor from a Bull. Since the Bull keeps his victim fairly low to the ground while beating the life out of them, it should be a bit easier to shoot him without accidentally hitting your teammate. However, it is still good to have the perk unlocked to minimize friendly fire, especially in higher difficulties where it becomes more unforgiving.


  • The Hellraiser starts with a core perk called Demoman. This perk equips you with C4 and an MGL. These powerful explosives can be used to devastate any Bulls you come across with proper use.
  • At level 2, the Hellraiser can unlock a perk called Here Kitty. This perk allows you to draw in zekes towards a C4 charge shortly after deployment. Against the Bull, this can keep him away from charging towards you or your teammates and have him drawn towards a devastating explosion you have complete control over. Blast him once he is lured to the C4 and deal some serious damage.
  • At level 22, the Hellraiser can unlock a perk called Deep Pockets. This perk grants more ammo for heavy weapons that you find. This can be highly beneficial as no matter which weapon you find, the extra ammo can allow you to spare more of its incredible firepower on a Bull but still have plenty left over for regular zekes and/or weaker special zombies.
  • At level 26, the Hellraiser can unlock a perk called Heavy Rain. This perk starts you off with an improved MGL with better damage and more ammo. Any and all MGLs that you pick up throughout the game are also improved with the same benefits.


  • At level 11, the Medic can unlock a perk called Second Wind. This perk gives you a chance to get up if you find yourself incapacitated or pinned while everyone else is also in the same predicament. While it could save you in a pinch, know that it will only work a quarter of the time and that if you find yourself pinned/incapacitated again in the next 60 seconds when it does work, you will not be able to benefit from this perk. Additionally, the fact that only you can get up in a scenario where everyone else is in no fighting condition can make this perk seem as though it is only meant to delay the inevitable.
  • At level 20, the Medic unlocks a core perk called Fighting Chance. This perk allows you to easily save anyone who is pinned down by a Bull using the Stim Pistol. It is extremely safe to use, and the survivor you shoot at will receive a much-needed temporary health boost.
  • At level 26, the Medic can unlock a perk called Secret Ingredient. This perk grants five seconds of the masking effect after firing a stim. The masking effect is great for allowing targeted teammates to disappear, stopping a Bull from charging. Additionally, if a Bull does grab them, firing a stim on them not only frees them from his grasp (thanks to having unlocked the Fighting Chance core perk) but also provides a measure of protection from other nearby zekes. Now masked, you can kill the Bull and make an easy escape without losing any temporary health.


  • The Fixer starts with a core perk called Mule. This perk starts you off with the Supply Bag. Supply Bags are easy and effective equipment for taking down Bulls as the explosive ammunition provided by the bag makes any primary weapon suitable for direct confrontations with the Bull as the sheer damage will easily stumble the Bull. Aiming for his weak spots will put down the Bull even quicker.
  • At level 4, the Fixer can unlock a perk called Night Owl. This perk replaces your Supply Bag in exchange for the Masking Gas Grenade. Using a Masking Gas Grenade allows survivors that walk into the gas to become invisible to the zekes. Masking Gas Grenades can also be thrown at a pinned teammate to easily save their life since the Bull will let go of their target and be unable to retarget them until the gas effect wears off. This will give them the opportunity to kill the Bull and any other zekes nearby. Additionally, the gas will also grant a small amount of temporary health for when the gas eventually wears off. If the masking gas is applied to the Bull's target while he is ready to charge or is in the middle of charging, he will immediately stop in confusion.
  • At level 5, the Fixer can unlock a perk called Side Effects. Similar to the Night Owl perk, you gain the Masking Gas Grenade that you can use to save a pinned survivor from Bulls. However, instead of granting some temporary health, the gas now does damage and can kill anything within its area of effect. Given the Bull's immense strength, it may take longer for the gas to kill him or several masking grenades to work.
  • At level 10, the Fixer unlocks a core perk called Please Stand Up. Similar to the Medic's Second Wind perk, the Fixer will soon get up if everyone else is incapacitated or pinned as well. However, it is not tied to chance. Thus, apart from the usual 60-second cooldown in between uses, it will guarantee that the Fixer will get back up, even while pinned by a Bull. However, you will still be placed in a less-than-ideal situation where everyone else is either down, pinned, or dead. So just as before, understand you are being placed in a scenario where the odds are against you.
  • At level 27, the Fixer can unlock a perk called My Round II. This perk allows everyone, not just the Fixer, to benefit from a little extra ammo for any heavy weapon that they find.
  • At level 29, the Fixer can unlock a perk called The Big Five 0. This perk starts you off with an improved BF25 Payload Rifle with better damage and more ammo. Any and all Payload Rifles that you pick up throughout the game are also improved with the same benefits.


  • The Slasher starts with a core perk called Shock Troops. This perk starts you off with the Stun Gun. Typically used for crowd control, it also has the ability to free a pinned survivor from the Bull's firm grasp while leaving him extremely vulnerable to retaliation by either you or your recently saved teammate. You can also use it to stop him mid-charge which could save you if he grabs you at the exact same time.
  • At level 11, the Slasher can unlock a perk called Trophy Hunter. This perk functions exactly the same as the Bounty Hunter perk.
  • At level 17, the Slasher can unlock a perk called Heavy Metal I. This perk starts you off with an improved Chainsaw with better damage and more fuel. Any and all Chainsaws that you pick up throughout the game are also improved with the same benefits.
  • At level 18, the Slasher can unlock a perk called Heavy Metal II. As an alternative to the previous perk, this one starts you off instead with an improved Heavy Assault Shotgun with better damage and more ammo. Any and all Heavy Assault Shotguns that you pick up throughout the game are also improved with the same benefits.
  • At level 19, the Slasher can unlock a perk called Battle Cry. This perk allows you to free yourself from a Bull if you have been pinned for five seconds. However, this benefit will see very little mileage in higher difficulties due to the increased damage from all enemies so only use it as a crutch for lower difficulties.


  • The Exterminator starts with a core perk called Firestarter. This perk makes you deal 25% more damage to all enemies during swarm events, Bulls included. You also start with Molotov Cocktails that delivers a great deal of fire damage.
  • At level 4, the Exterminator can unlock a perk called Rage Mode. Although this perk functions the exact same as the Gunslinger's Judo perk, it has a lengthier cooldown of 300 seconds.
  • At level 8, the Exterminator can unlock a perk called Heavy Metal. This perk starts you off with an improved RPG Launcher with even greater damage. Any and all RPG Launchers that you pick up throughout the game are also improved with the same benefit.
  • At level 9, the Exterminator can unlock a perk called Heavy Metal II. As an alternative to the previous perk, this one starts you off instead with an improved Heavy Assault Shotgun with better damage and more ammo. Any and all Heavy Assault Shotguns that you pick up throughout the game are also improved with the same benefits.
  • At level 17, the Exterminator can also unlock the perk called Second Wind. Although the perk functions the exact same as the Medic's version, it has a cooldown of 120 seconds, twice as long as theirs.
  • At level 21, the Exterminator can unlock a perk called Broad Shoulders. Similar to the Hellraiser's Deep Pockets perk, it grants more ammo for all heavy weapons that you find. However, the amount of extra ammo gained is slightly less than that of the Hellraiser's.
  • At level 29, the Exterminator can unlock a perk called Ghost. This perk will periodically give you a few seconds of masking effect while everyone else on your team is either incapacitated or dead. The masking effect provides you with a temporary safeguard if a Bull is about to charge. However, since the perk functions in intervals, you will find yourself vulnerable before and after the masking effect sets in. Remember that it will not work once you are pinned down. 


  • The Dronemaster starts with a core perk called Flying Start. This perk starts you off with a Quadrocopter armed with a Stun Gun. If a Bull gets too close, the Quadrocopter will stun him for a slighter higher charge cost than normal.
  • At level 9, the Dronemaster can unlock a perk called The Big Five 0. This perk starts you off with an improved Payload Rifle with better damage and more ammo. Any and all Payload Rifles that you pick up throughout the game are also improved with the same benefits. However, unlike the Fixer's version of the perk, the Payload Rifle you start off with (and the ones you pick up along the way) will only be half as strong and have slightly less ammo in comparison.
  • At level 16, the Dronemaster can unlock a perk called Saving Grace. This perk can save you from incapacitation/death from a Bull's charge and subsequent smashing by covering you in masking gas moments before losing the last of your health. Now masked, you are freed from his grasp and free to kill him and flee to somewhere safer. Remember that there is a three-minute cooldown until it can work again so do not rely too heavily on it.
  • At level 19, the Dronemaster can unlock a perk called Saving Grace. This perk can turn the Quadrocopter into a powerful kamikaze. If a Quadrocopter is low on charge (displaying a yellow light) or it can truly be spared, command it to explode right into a Bull to cause high damage.
  • At level 23, the Dronemaster can unlock a perk called Eye In The Sky. This perk functions similarly to the Gunslinger's Seek and Destroy core perk but with slightly less range and only when the Quadrocopter is out.


  • The Vanguard starts with a core perk called Safeguard. This perk starts you off with the Mobile Shield to block any zombie hit as well as the Bull's charge. When the Bull is ready to charge, make sure to use the shield as quick as possible and you must be in front of the Bull that is about to charge towards you. You can also use it to protect any other survivor that is behind you from the Bull's charge.



The nickname "Bull" was chosen after his main form of attack. Male cattle, otherwise known as bulls, are well-known for their short temperament, strength, and aggressive charges, popularized by bullfighting that put all of these characteristics on display. The name was given among survivors considering just how much the Bull flawlessly epitomizes these traits.


The Bull was likely a part of a riot police force that was deployed to control and confront rowdy crowds and maintain some form of order before being attacked and infected. As an officer, the Bull would be supplied with gear to protect himself and deal with attackers and would have been deployed to handle a situation unrelated to the sudden outbreak of zombies. However, it is within the realm of possibility that he along with many others were brought in to control areas that were not overtaken by the zekes yet. In these areas, they were likely experiencing situations largely similar to riots and looting, warranting their appearance in an attempt to keep the peace. However, the zekes would eventually arrive and infect both citizens and officers who were inadequately ready to deal with such a ferocious threat.

Although his large size, tall height, and strength would prove advantageous when confronting rioters and human attackers, they were much less so against the zekes. Despite all the protection he was wearing, it could not prevent the Bull from contracting the virus and turning into a zeke shortly afterward. It is unclear when he suffered the injury on his back, the one serious enough to destroy the padded armor and clothing underneath, and tearing apart the skin deep enough to expose the Bull's spine. The injury on his back could be from before being infected. Zekes could have managed to pin the heavily-struggling Bull down onto his stomach and tearing off the covering on his back before finally managing to tear into his back flesh and infecting him there. That struggle could also be the cause of all the other damage seen on his riot suit such as the missing left shoulder pad and the torn clothing on his left leg which is also missing the knee pad.


As with all special zombies, the Bull produces unique sounds to differentiate himself from regular zekes. The Bull is constantly breathing very heavily from both the mouth and nose to produce a distinct huffing and grunting noise. When spotting out a survivor to charge at, he will roar and maintain a growl throughout the entire run until he hits something or runs himself tired. During a charge, he also makes noticeably loud stomping noises as he runs.

Intelligence & Physical Abilities

The Bull displays a high level of aggression incomparable to regular zekes. While they chase survivors simply by running towards them, the Bull will go out of his way to visibly show his rage before suddenly speeding up far greater than any of the zekes or the survivors and grab them off the ground to body slam them against their back repeatedly.

The Bull's method of attack, while still effectively lethal, is far more fierce compared to what regular zekes do. The reason for the Bull's brutish style for incapacitating and killing survivors could be the combination of a couple of factors.

One of these factors could be the physiological effects of rage leftover in his body. What could be assumed from the way the Bull interacts with the survivors is that the Bull was a highly irritable and hotheaded person before becoming a zeke. The Bull may have had problems controlling his anger and was prone to acting unreasonably or disproportionately angry in response to situations where it may not be warranted. Angry people experience several different biological and physiological effects and one such effect is the release of adrenaline. This can trigger a fight-or-flight response and the Bull would have likely chosen to fight more often than not. Before succumbing to infection, the Bull would have likely put up a greater struggle against the zekes he encountered. With his physique, gear, and aggression, he would be experiencing elevated levels of epinephrine constantly flowing through him as he battled his undead attackers. However, when he finally died, this effect would persist within him after he turned. As mentioned, the Bull seems to breathe very heavily to produce the sounds he makes, even though the zekes do not necessarily need to breathe, proven by submerged zekes being able to climb out of bodies of water without drowning and Gasbags being able to operate within their airtight suits for long periods without issue. This behavior was likely carried over from while he was alive as well, even though now in his current state it is technically and largely unnecessary for him to do.

Another factor may have been the influence of the virus. The fast-acting virus in World War Z is highly speculated to bring a human it infects to a more primitive and animalistic state. The animalistic side of the virus has resulted in the turned humans exhibiting behavior more akin to creatures of the animal kingdom. In the case of the Bull, his technique of rushing towards people would stem from the behaviors of pursuit predators as they prefer to simply chase their prey by outrunning them after initiating the attack. Additionally, seeing prey trying to maneuver out of his path will cause them to intercept by reacting to their movement. This is very similar to how the Bull can track the survivors' movements as he shows he is capable of reacting in real time to reach them if they attempt to run away to the side. However, when in this state, he becomes far less aware of his general surroundings as he focuses on his target so much that he becomes highly susceptible to running into obstacles and walls long after darting past his target completely.

With the effects of adrenaline still lingering within his system, the Bull would be able to perform unnatural feats than most zombies or humans could. As stated before, adrenaline can cause a fight-or-flight response. However, in the Bull's case, it would be more accurate to describe it as "fight-and-flight" as he benefits on both aspects of this physiological response: he is capable of running extremely fast and his immense strength allows him to easily pound a survivor into the ground with just his right hand. Despite the superhuman levels of agility and power the Bull displays, the reason for this incredible power could be attributed to the virus. The virus has shown that it hardly lets zekes rest and they are always ready to put every ounce of strength into chasing healthy survivors when alerted. This suggests that many limits imposed on the body by the brain have either disappeared or have been heavily suppressed after a person has turned. In the case of the Bull, it has given him greater use of the strength dormant in both his legs and arms, allowing him to both run shockingly quick and have the strength to easily pick a survivor off the ground. The Bull's immense strength could be the reason why he has adopted the technique of smashing a survivor over and over again into the ground, as he does have a physically capable body that would now be able to easily pick people up with just one hand.

Similarly to his namesake, the Bull roars before a charge. This may be another sign of the virus affecting the way the Bull acts. Roaring has several functions, but the reasons for the Bull to roar would likely be of intimidation and arousing his aggression. In a human context, this could also be seen as an unintentional battle cry which generally functions very similarly. Given this, it could be possible that whenever the Bull chooses his target, he would need to perform this loud bellow to temporarily tap into his immense strength to speed up drastically and quickly reach them. While roaring, the Bull also stomps his feet and slams his fists into the ground. This performance could be another way for him to invoke his anger. The Bull is likely hitting the floor as it is always the closest thing around him at all times to hit. Combine this with the act of roaring and what is left is a seriously enraged zombie that intends to infect or even kill you in the most physically traumatic way possible by a zeke.

Related Achievements

There are two achievements related to the Lurker that can be earned.

Icon & Name Description Gamerscore (XB) Trophy (PS)
Kill Bull during charge 35 Silver
Effective communication.jpg

Effective communication

Mark special zombies 50 times 20 Bronze


  • The Bull's face shield on his ballistic helmet appropriately resembles a riot face shield given its thinner appearance on close inspection. Despite this, the face shield functions more like a ballistic visor as it is capable of absorbing multiple shots from firearms while most riot face shields are only designed to absorb physical impacts such as punches or thrown objects like bricks and bottles. Ballistic face shields are noticeably thicker which gives it the ability to protect its wearer from only a few to several shots from firearms and fragments. A similar point can also be made about the Bull's protective suit. Anti-riot armor is primarily designed for reducing the force of blunt trauma as it consists mostly of padding and not something like Kevlar, a material well-known for its use in bulletproof vests and other ballistic armor. In actuality, his armor will do very little to protect him against the survivors' firearms and even less with explosions as he is shown to be capable of surviving blasts some of the less damaging explosives. The discrepancy of how the Bull's riot gear functions to protect him can be chalked up to gameplay since the Bull is designed after a riot police officer but was needed to be balanced with additional defenses to be considered a proper threat against the survivors.
  • If a Bull is killed without breaking his helmet visor, players can still shoot it until it breaks.


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