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{{Infobox_Special_Zombies|image1 = Bomber close up.jpg|row1 = Male|row2 = *Triggers a self-destruct countdown when near survivors, exploding once the timer is up or when attacked
{{Infobox_Special_Zombies|image1 = Bomber close up.jpg|row1 = Male|row2 = *Triggers a self-destruct countdown when near survivors, exploding once the timer is up or when attacked
*Explodes immediately when attacked enough anywhere but the legs
*Explodes immediately when attacked enough anywhere but the legs

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The Bomber is a special zombie in World War Z. He became a permanent addition to the undead horde in the Horde Mode Z Update.

The Bomber brings valuable goods and an explosive surprise; the actions that are taken to put him down determine which one is received.

Physical Appearance

The Bomber is a zeke dressed in a slightly torn black military combat uniform, a tan tactical vest with several pouches, a tactical SCBA and PAPR system connected to a black breathing mask with glowing green lenses, combat boots, a black combat glove, a black tactical belt, and a tan tactical helmet with a set of noise reduction headsets and panoramic night-vision goggles with the battery pack attached to the back by a helmet bridge. A drop leg holster carrying a pistol rests on his right thigh and a drop leg pouch rests on the other. A watch is fastened to the front of the vest's left shoulder. The utility pouch to his right has three glowing red lightsticks secured through the MOLLE webbing. The SCBA cylinder monitor that rests on the front has a small section of one of its cable coverings cut, exposing the wires underneath. Several straps and harnesses are wrapped around his uniform.

Three red explosives are strapped diagonally across the front of the Bomber's vest, each fastened by a pair of side release buckles.

The Bomber's black combat uniform has large tears across the right upper arm sleeve and the left forearm. He is missing his left glove and the right glove that he still possesses is torn as well.

Abilities & Behavior

The Bomber mostly acts and behaves like any other regular zeke. However, he does make extremely mechanical-sounding groans and constant beeping noises due to his equipment. Other sounds that he makes include blaring sirens, distorted breathing, and lightly-scrambled radio frequency noises.

The Bomber has the ability to cause a large explosion. A suicidal attack with lethal results when successful, the Bomber should not be toyed with as the explosion he creates is large and deadly. The Bomber seems to possess an acute sense of awareness as he is somehow able to prime the explosives across his chest using an unseen detonator when triggered.

While the Bomber is a dangerously destructive foe, he can also be helpful towards the survivors by offering loot should they manage to take him out without causing him to explode. With precise shots to his lower limbs, the Bomber will be forced onto the ground, leaving him a vulnerable and miserably writhing zeke waiting to be killed off properly. However, should survivors leave him down for long enough, he will eventually explode on his own.

Strategy & Tactics

"The Bomber is a walking explosive with a sensitive detonator. If you shoot him anywhere besides his legs or let him come near you, he will explode."
"The Bomber is always carrying something useful. Shoot him in the legs and finish him with a melee strike to keep him from blowing up and save the loot." Tutorial Tips
The Bomber brings an element of risk and reward for the players to choose over. Your team must make a snap decision whether to take him down gently or let him go out with a bang. Be swift though, because if you let him get close enough to set off his detonator, you will not be left much of a choice. Should you choose to ignore it, your team can simply blow him up from afar and move on. However, should you choose to take the risk to carefully take the Bomber down without triggering his explosives, you and your teammates can walk away having reaped the rewards from his undetonated corpse.


  • Keep your distance. Given that the Bomber creates a large explosion on death, staying away from him as much as possible is the very least you can do. On higher difficulties, the Bomber can prove devastatingly effective at crippling a closely packed team of survivors. Distancing yourself from your teammates when the Bomber is around or running away if he is chasing you could reduce the risks and the damage you and your fellow survivors take from his death explosion.
  • Listen carefully. The Bomber makes a lot of peculiar sounds and the audio cues he makes will be important in making your next move. As usual, he makes distinctly mechanical groans to announce his appearance so be prepared to act once he arrives. When near survivors, he will start beeping which indicates that he has started the countdown for his explosives. The beeps will progressively become faster until he makes one final beep and explodes. When shot in the legs, he will beep as well. However, in this situation, it does take longer for him to self-destruct so do not worry as much when approaching him for a melee finisher.
  • Always mark your targets. As with all special zombies, marking lets players know where a particular threatening zeke is and/or where it is about to go. The red outline can be seen through obstacles and is hard to miss, so press the key that marks them and make their appearance even less of a surprise. Given how dangerous the Bomber can be, mark and single him out if you cannot deal with him yourself at the moment. If your teammates spot an incoming Bomber, they can use that info to their advantage such as being able to more easily identify and target his legs.
  • Communicate. If you have a microphone, use it. Many players often just shoot at a Bomber until he blows up, not knowing that he carries helpful things around with him. If you have spotted a Bomber, and you plan to carefully defuse him, telling others of your actions could help avoid a nasty situation where they may shoot him on sight while you are in the danger zone.
  • Bots often go for limb shots. Bot teammates always shoot the Bomber in the legs whenever they have a clear shot of him. Use this to your advantage if a Bomber has been carefully struck down as you can easily finish him off with a melee finisher and take his loot for yourself. However, depending on the situation or the weapons they happen to be carrying, it is still possible for bots to blow him up anyway, so do not expect the same results every time.


  • Despite his militaristic appearance, the Bomber is somewhat fragile to damage. On most difficulties, the Bomber takes just as much damage, if not less, to kill than a regular zeke. In scenarios where a Bomber is more trouble than it is worth, they can easily be dispatched of with little effort on your part.
    • Since the Bomber is weak in terms of the damage it can sustain before blowing up, it is vital that you kill him only when he is a fair bit of distance away from anyone, yourself included. The last thing you want to do is detonate him while he is in close proximity to you and others.
  • The explosion the Bomber produces is a highly damaging attack. Whenever the Bomber blows up, he explodes in a large fiery ball of blood, body parts, and scraps of destroyed military-grade equipment. The closer someone is to the explosion, the more damage it causes. This is why it is important that players run away from the Bomber. The more space that is made from him by the time he explodes, the less damage you take even if only by a bit. If the right moves are made, you can entirely sidestep out of his effective explosion area and avoid damage entirely. If you allow him to be right next to you when he blows, you will take the full brunt of his suicide attack which can easily spell incapacitation or death in higher difficulties.
  • There are two crucial steps for disarming a Bomber and earning his valuable loot:
    1. Shooting him in the legs until he falls down to the ground.
    2. Performing a melee finisher.
      • If you manage to shoot the Bomber in the legs enough times, he will be brought down to his knees before laying against the ground on his explosives. He will uselessly struggle on the floor and flail around, unable to get up. Each of the Bomber's explosives during this state makes loud beeping noises and blinks bright yellow.
      • The Bomber can now be killed with a melee finisher by approaching him and using a melee attack. When the Bomber is killed in this manner, he will die without exploding and drop two items that can be picked up by you or your teammates. One of these items will always be a Virus Sample. The other item has a chance of being either a random primary weapon or a heavy weapon. If a primary weapon happens to be dropped, it will be either tier II or tier III.
      • On the other hand, should he be left to wallow on the ground long enough, he will eventually explode on his own. Additionally, choosing to attack him further while he is down with anything but a melee attack will cause him to explode as well.
  • Do not let the Bomber approach you. If he manages to get close enough to the proximity of a survivor, he will automatically trigger a countdown for his explosives to go off after a small amount of time has passed. Each of the Bomber's explosives during this state makes loud beeping noises and blinks bright red.
    • The Bomber at this point can no longer be carefully defused. Once his explosives blink red, he is guaranteed to explode no matter what. Attempting to shoot his legs, or anywhere, will cause him to blow up instantly. Since most forms of attack will cause him to immediately self-destruct, the only option now is to run away and avoid his death explosion and/or shoot him once enough distance has been created.
  • The maximum amount of time the Bomber has before his self-destruct timer is up is different depending on what color his explosives are blinking. If his explosives are blinking red, everyone will only have around 10 seconds to get away from him. If his explosives are blinking yellow, everyone will have 20 seconds to make your move before he explodes on his own. During the last four seconds of his 20-second countdown, his beeps will become much faster. If you are near the Bomber when you hear these rapid beeps, run for cover. You will not likely be able to make the last-second defusion so just sprint and hit the deck.
  • The Bomber's explosion has a chance of stumbling you. During this state, you are forced into moving in a direction opposite of the explosion and unable to do anything until you recover. If the explosion does not incapacitate you, you might be left vulnerable afterward to any nearby enemies for a very short moment afterward.
  • You can use the Bomber's explosion to your advantage. The Bomber's explosion can kill/grievously injure other zombies. Depending on the situation, blowing up a Bomber can be a great thing. The most useful thing a Bomber's explosion can be used for is killing other special zombies. Since special zombies sometimes come together in little groups, you can shoot the Bomber to make him explode to easily take care of any others. This is especially helpful when the Bomber arrives alongside the Bull or the Infector. Given just how tough both of them are, blowing up the Bomber can deal some serious damage, sometimes even killing them, and save you a lot of effort.
    • It should be noted that kills caused by blowing up a Bomber cannot be seen on the activity feed. You won't see the name of a player saying they killed a special zombie if they died from a Bomber's explosion. (Of course, you will see the Bomber's death in the feed.) Some of the end screen result scores will also not count any kills caused by it. However, this is largely negligible.










  • The three explosives strapped across the Bomber's chest appear to be claymore mines. They are rectangular in form, slightly curved, and have "FRONT TOWARD ENEMY" written on them. However, they are uniquely red in color and appear to have blinking lights (that can be either red or yellow) attached to them. The strange design choices for the explosives that are clearly based on claymore mines may have been tailored for gameplay purposes since the red mines and the blinking lights attached to them help to make the Bomber stand out much more.
  • The Bomber is said to possess a detonator of sorts for his explosives. However, it cannot be seen on him, making him appear to prime his explosives without any sort of explicit action indicating he has done so.
  • Virus Samples laying around in the chapters tend to be found near the corpses of soldiers. Given that the Bomber resembles a soldier, it would make sense that he would be carrying one around. This excludes Horde Mode, where Virus Samples can never be found or be dropped by defusing the Bomber.
  • Shooting the Bomber's corpse or undetonated explosives will not cause an explosion. Despite how fragile he is to exploding while he was still moving around, nothing can be done to cause his body to explode after he has been carefully disarmed with a melee finisher. However, this can be chalked up to gameplay since shooting at corpses, especially those belonging to special zombies, does not really do anything.


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