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The Battle Rifle (HAMR-17) is a tier III primary weapon featured in World War Z.


The Battle Rifle, or HAMR-17, is a Semi-Auto rifle largely based on the real-life FN SCAR-H that fires 7.62x51mm NATO rounds.


The Battle Rifle is the tier III semi-auto rifle, with higher damage and accuracy then than the full-auto rifle, and a penetration value of 2, but comparatively slow rate of fire.

As the Battle Rifle is upgraded, it will have the option to increase its magazine size from 25 to 35, in addition to general statistic improvements.


After reaching level 5, it is possible to buy a powerful alternative level 5 weapon upgrade for 1000 challenge coins. It provides a full-auto version (like in the real world), higher mag count, and lower damage to the balance out

Unique Version

The unique version features a white and red accent build with gray decos.

The unique version of the Battle Rifle features a skin. It has the same stats as one of the level 5 upgraded version of the weapon.

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