The Automatic Turret, or Autoturret for short, is a defense system weapon that can be used in World War Z.

The Autoturret track and shoot zekes until they run out and must be restocked before being able to fire again.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Autoturret is a tripod-mounted sentry gun. The machine gun in it is belt-fed from a large box magazine. As a lethal autonomous weapon system (LAWS, as written beside the Autoturret), it can independently detect, track, and shoot hostile enemies with the aid of a targeting laser. It will rotate side to side while scanning for enemies and upon detecting one, it will beep loudly before firing.

Placing them down on a selected area allows them to scan an area in front and slightly to the sides of them, and will automatically home in on zekes that are targeted.

Technically they have infinite ammo, as one can refill it without any cost. But when the autoturret needs to refill, the turret will blink with yellow light and be inactive until a player runs over to activate them. Bot players will not do this.

In Horde Mode, autoturrets do not last forever and after about 4-5 waves of being alive, it will automatically explode, leaving the player to decide whether they want to add another.

They are extremely useful when trying to activate the tunneling drill in NY2, as they cover your back and make the process easier. They also are just extra guns to have around to fend off zekes, so don't pass them up if you see them.

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