The Assault Rifle is a Tier II primary weapon featured in World War Z.

Overview Edit

The Assault Rifle, or ARK-103, is a fully automatic assault rifle featured in World War Z. The Gunslinger class upgrade This is My Rifle spawns your character with the Assault Rifle already equipped.

Design Edit


This gold wrap is included with the Lobo Bundle of the game.

The Assault Rifle is based on the Kalashnikov AK-103, a modernized version of the AKM. It features a more modern look, lacking the wooden accents that most Kalashnikov rifles are known for. The weapon comes in two colors, black or gold with carbon fiber accents. Overall, the model is nicely detailed and lifelike.

Performance Edit

The Assault Rifle is a well-balanced weapon. It features a powerful shot with high recoil and spread when fired in quick succession. The Assault Rifle's starting mag size of 40 makes it a viable weapon when taking down Z towers or spraying into hordes, however, it suffers from a very slow reload time, this can make close-quarters engagements risky. The best strategy is to aim for headshots and fire in short bursts or "taps". Assault Rifle pairs well with a close range secondary such as a shotgun or PDW.

Trivia Edit

  • Assaultriflerails

    This Assault Rifle features 4 rails that support a variety of attachments.

    The Assault Rifle in its stock form doesn't feature any attachment rails, faithful to the real-life AKM however with the level 2 upgrades, 4 rails are added and used for many attachments at higher levels
  • When playing offline, your AI controlled teammates have a chance of spawning with the Assault Rifle, especially if you aren't playing as Gunslinger
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