The Advanced SMG (Keris V10) is a tier III primary weapon featured in World War Z.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Advanced SMG, or Keris V10, is a Full-Auto SMG. It is a hybrid of the Gen I and II KRISS Vector. The firearm itself has the receiver and stock of the Gen II Kriss Vector but has the trigger of the original Kriss Vector. Surprisingly, it has a detachable magwell for casket magazines which the real Kriss doesn't have.

Its upgrade tree gives it a handguard extension, red dot sight, flashlight and laser sight combo, the latter casket mag and a suppressor. Alternatively, the handguard extension can be traded off with a vertical foregrip in its other upgrade tree. And like all SMG class in the game, the level 5 version has a version with a muzzle brake attached, however, unlike all SMG classes, there is a suppressed level 5 version as well.

Performance[edit | edit source]

The Advanced SMG is the tier III full-auto SMG, with a very higher rate of fire, low damage and low accuracy. The weapon starts with 0 penetration value but can be increased by purchasing upgrades from level 4 and beyond.

The unique version with black and gold finish.

Unique Version[edit | edit source]

The unique version of the advanced SMG is comparable to its level 5 upgraded versions. However, the more well rounded stats of the unique version make it superior to its level 5 counterparts.

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