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The Advanced Combat Weapon is a Tier III primary weapon in World War Z.


The Advanced Combat Weapon, or the ACW-20, is a low caliber semi-automatic grenade launcher. Unlike other explosive weapons like the Hailstorm MGL grenade launcher and the BF25 Payload Rifle, it is categorized as a tiered weapon and hence, will not be discarded unlike the stated heavy weapons.


The ACW-20 is a mix-mash hybrid weapon. Its overall appearance has elements of the Gepard GM6 Lynx anti-materiel rifle's receiver and the ShAK-12 battle rifle's fire selector and carry handle. Its basis is probably inspired off the Inzuki PAW-20mm grenade launcher since the name suggests it's chambered for 20mm rounds. Although this can be contradicted since later upgrades give it a suppressor which might be inspired off the latter ShAK-12.


It starts off with rather mediocre accuracy and handling with poor fire rate and zero penetration, trading off its considerable high damage output of 9 along with area of effect damage.

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